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Probably the best day ticket carp waters in the UK

Last year was the 40th anniversary of when I founded Linear Fisheries and twenty years since the birth of Linear Oxford. When I look back I can recall those days in the early seventies and how fishing has changed over the ensuing years since. For me my memories go back much further with my introduction to angling on London ’s Richmond Park at the tender age of seven. At nine I saw my first carp; there were two of them swimming down the centre of the River Colne near Watford and in wonder at their size, I followed them until they disappeared under a road bridge. They looked enormous to me then but in reality they were probably just a few pounds each.

That first contact with carp was in 1949; there were very few carp around at that time and that was to be the case for many years. The next time I was to see one up close left a lasting impression and was ten years later, a mile further downstream on the Colne, just before it ran over a sluice and onto the mill. That fish was big and although I presented my roach baits to it over and over again, there seemed no chance of catching it. Seeing such a big fish called for a trip to Regents Park Zoo to see ‘Clarissa’, the then record carp caught by Richard Walker in 1952. Although Clarissa had lost some weight during its time in captivity it was still a mind boggling sight, but then so was my River Colne fish, which I convinced myself was bigger…. I was well and truly hooked on wanting to catch it.

Moving away from the area and having a family put paid to that for a while and although I continued with my fishing on lakes and rivers I never lost the urge to try for that big fish. I had one chance in the mid sixties to try again and by that time I had caught a few carp and believed I was ready – well, to cut a long story short I did hook the fish very early in my campaign only to lose it on a bicycle frame that someone had dumped in the river. I was never to fish there again but continued to try catching carp nearer to home; some memories are best left as they were.

Most anglers in the mid - sixties, in my part of the world, thought carp were uncatchable and to a large degree they were correct but only because hardly any carp were present in the waters available to us then. I made it my mission to change that and right up to the early seventies instigated the stocking of carp in many waters around my area. It wasn’t until 1969 that I even met another angler devoted to carp fishing but this meeting led to meeting others and before long I realised that I was not the only angler trying to catch carp in my area. A survey carried out in the sixties stated that there were only around 400 carp anglers in the UK . As I said, how things have changed since those days.

Over twenty years ago when I started running the waters at Oxford I was determined to make them special and keeping pace with the changing trends in carp fishing was and still is, essential. By that time I had gained much more experience from nine years running a complex of similar size, I knew what was needed and with the help of my partners, the Gravel Company 'Smiths' and a good bailiff team I believe that Linear Oxford is now something very special.

We at Linear Oxford are dedicated to continue running a well kept and well stocked fishery, not just for carp anglers but for all who wish to fish them - be it for tench, roach, bream, pike, perch and catfish – all of which abound in our waters.

From all at Linear – ENJOY THE WEBSITE AND GOOD FISHING. Len Gurd, Fishery Manager.

The Linear Pro-Am charity event (formerly 'Fish with the stars')

In August 2013 the two Brasenose lakes hosted the third 'Fish with the Stars' event in aid of the MNDA charity. Again a number of celebrity anglers gave their time to attend this event and a great time was had by all. You can read more about last year’s event written by Tim Paisley, starting on page 50 of the 2014 Linear brochure. There is also information on this web site on how you can be a part of this prestigious event in 2014 which by popular request will be re-named The Linear Pro-Am Charity Event.
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Open Day

On Saturday May 10th this year Linear will be hosting an Open Day on the complex – more details of this are contained within our brochure and web site. Anyone interested in any of the waters [including the syndicates] will be welcome to come along just to look around or seek advice from the Linear Bailiffs who will be attending that day. There will also be tackle stands and some scheduled demonstrations by well known anglers – look out for further details on our website.
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 Important News 

**New 2015 Linear Brochure Now Available **

The New 2015 Linear Brochure is now available and at 68-pages it's our biggest brochure ever. You can either download it or order a free copy via the "Brochure Section" of this web site.