Oxlease PB!

33lb New PB.

21 April 2016

It was the first session of 2016 for Sara and I and we went to Linear Fisheries for a 48hour session on Oxlease. We were fishing the disabled swim so Sara fished the bay, whilst I fished out in front. Unfotunately other anglers were casting across my swim which meant I could only fish 7-9 wraps out, but as the fish were showing close in I was confident of a bite.
I spodded 2kg of hemp, corn and CC Moore Equinox to a gravel bar as close as I could get to where the fish had been showing. I had had a few liners throughout the evening and then at 4am my new Nash R3 alarms were beeping away on the left hand rod. At first the fish didn't feel that big and was coming in very easy, but after 5 minutes it woke up and was fighting hard. I netted the fish and in the dark I thought it was a good 20lber however, when I went to lift it out of the water I was suprised at how heavy it was.
Sara helped me weigh the fish and the scales went to 33lb 4oz a new PB! We got the best photos we could in the dark and me struggling to hold the fish with my arthritis and then slipped it back.
I put the rods back out on the spot but we didn't have another fish that session.
My hookbait was a CC Moore Equinox White Pop Up on a multi rig using the Nash Chod Twister Size 5 Barbed hook tied to Nash 15lb Combilink in Silt with Nash Cling On Putty to weight the pop up down.

Luke Carpenter.