First Time Success On B-1.

27lb 03oz.

33lb 08oz.

10 May 2012

hi, just submitting my catch report for my resent trip to linear fisheries, after attending the open day to gain some extra home work on the lake (B1) as this
would be my biggest water to fish to date I wanted to obtain as much local knowledge and tips as possible from other anglers etc and to hopefully break my personal best which stood at 20 mirror from a local lake, as I’m always keen to improve my angling every session I go out I wanted to make B1 a session that I never forgot.

I was there for a weeks fishing as I’m from over the bridge so I thought I would make the most of it and go the full hog for a week. I put all my knowledge and hard work into the prep and locating the fish, after speaking to anglers on the first day I arrived I was told that the lake was fishing hard and there weren't many coming out.

With this in mind it still did not deter me from what I wanted to achieve it just drove me on further to achieve my goal of beating my personal best!

After a blank first night on B1 I decided to put my baiting plan into action as I thought maybe the first night there would be left over spod mix from other anglers and maybe flicking around with a pva bag would entice one of the monsters.

After a busy first morning on B1 putting my plan into action I was hopeful of a bite in the night by lunch time the main part of my spodding was done and I was thinking the target I had set.

As I was tying up rigs, pva bags and trying to think of hook bait combinations to give me the edge on B1 as I know they are pressured fish so I knew that I needed to pull something out of the bag to give my the edge to obtain my goal.

As teatime approached my middle rod leapt into action the first sound of my alarms rang out, after a hard fight I was greeted with a beautiful mirror, when netted a sigh of relief was felt and I could not wait to get it on to the scales. As the scales went to 27lb 3oz of hard fighting linear carp I had achieved my goal beating my PB, after a few trophy photos and it returned safely to the water I was eager to get the rod back out and in action again. At this point I was ecstatic that I had done my PB so early on in the session I was left wondering what else was to come.

After a few days of action thick and thin of smaller but still beautiful hard fighting fish it was at mid week that I took yet another monster that accommodates Brasenose 1.
As midweek was upon me spirits still high from a good brace of fish, friendly anglers and beautiful scenery I was still left wondering maybe there could be another surprise.

As my right hand rod leapt into action I was connected to what felt like one of the jets that were flying over B1, I was challenged to dual with one of the monsters that housed B1, in return she doubled my rod over and gave me the best fight of a life time using everything I knew to defeat her I landed her with great success, I was sure that I had done it again, after plucking the courage to pier over the net handle and have a look from above at what lay in my net, there was no other sight like it.

After a joyful weighing I was pleased to see my scales bend around to a lovely 33lb 8oz Brasenose 1 monster. I was glad that I put the larger memory card in the camera and after a few or many shots of her she was returned back to the depths.

My weeks fishing couldn't have been any better, with smashing my PB twice in the same week and to be graced with such beautiful fish, Brasenose 1 produced more than I could ever have even thought of and I look forward to planning my next visit to your lakes in the very short but near future where maybe I can set about beating once again my PB.

Thanks for a great weeks fishing and maybe you could use the photos I have attached and maybe even this short write up.

All the best

Scott Lewis
(From Wales)