A Year on St Johns.


27lb 14oz

One of the big commons at 34.08

Ben with the "Starburst" at 38.04

Morning on St. Johns.

31 October 2006

A year on St Johns

After a lot of thought of what water to spend my time on this year I set my sights on St Johns lake on the Linear Oxford complex. I have fished this lake once before and had already fallen in love with the place, as it held a very good chance of beating my PB which stood at 23lb common and mirror and was just a fantastic place to be.

What was to come I could only dream of!

My first time on the bank was in October 2005 and due to a very busy year at work I only managed 30 nights on St Johns up until October 2006, and had to settle on short sessions on my local river after the Barbel (the next best thing to a carp).

It only took me a few sessions on the lake for things to start to slip in to place and I was soon on a roll. The more time I spent there the more I wanted to be there. Every time I was learning and spent most of my time away from the place thinking about what I would be doing on my next trip.

Any way it all paid off as in 30 nights I managed almost 50 fish and smashed my PB over and over again catching the Starburst mirror at 38lb 4oz one of the biggest fish in the lake, and one of the big commons at 34lb 8oz, plus endless 20’s to 27lb 14oz. I also helped a friend of mine take his PB from 13lb to 23lb including having two other 20’s in just there trips.

What a year. Ben Winsper.