How Fortunes Can Change !!!!

Scott's 22lb 14oz PB.

Mathew's 18lb 14oz PB.

02 July 2007

Just a short story regarding three visits to your fishery!

We first visited your fishery in November 2006 for my stepsons (Mathew Burnard) 16th Birthday and had been looking forward to the visit for months. We arrived for a 48 hour Session on Brasenose-1 and decided to take a swim by the reeds tucked in the corner. It was very cold and on the first night I caught a pretty Mirror carp of 7 Pounds but try and try Mathew could not catch a fish before we left.

Not to be to downhearted we planned another visit in April of 2007 hopping we would have more rod action this time, we arrived and decided to take the same swim as it was available but unbelievably the same happened as before I caught a small mirror on the first night and Mathew blanked again for the second time. We decided to wait for the summer for our next visit.

In between times we visited a open day at Sparsholt College as my stepson is attending in September and visited your stall asking for help, one of your representatives suggested small offerings or single hook baits and keep fishing at different distances until we found the carp. With this new info in mind we arrived on the morning of the 29th of June for a 24 hour session, the weather was poor but we decided before arriving we were going to fish the opposite end of the lake. On arriving we found the swim we wanted empty but the guy who was just leaving commented that he had not caught a fish in two days so on hearing this we decided to fish Hardwick instead.

We had no bites all day and in the evening we decided if we had not had a bite by the morning we would pack up and move to brasenose-1 for the day. Sure enough the bite alarms never beeped once so due to this we did not wake up till 7.30am but pressed on with our plan and found a swim at Brasenose-1. We set up and after casting out our 4 rods, my Mathew cast Meteor Boilies and small P.V.A bags of Pellets at 40 yards on one rod and a single Meteor Boilie at 80 Yards on the other. As we sat and waited we noticed the man in the swim we were going to choose the day before was getting run after run when all of a sudden Matt’s right hand rod screamed off, he said it felt like a good fish and after a good fight we saw his first linear carp just a that moment his left hand rod screamed off as well. We landed both fish and put the small one back and weighed the larger carp which was a 18lb 2oz Mirror(a new PB). Mathew recast both rods and after 40 minutes the left hand rod with the single hook bait was off again after a long fight the large mirror weighed in at 18lb 14oz, another PB. Straight after that he had another run but lost it.

We were talking when he said it would we typical if I caught a bigger fish than him when my left hand rod screamed off, after 15 minutes I managed to land a 22lb 14oz mirror a new PB for me. We went on to catch a couple more smaller fish later during the afternoon but then it was time to go. I would just like to say what a funny thing carp fishing is and how your fortunes can change in a couple of hours, its also taught us a lesson that if its not working in one swim or lake don’t be afraid to move, many thanks for the advice at the show . Well be back soon looking for that elusive 30 !!!

Regards, Scott Carter.