Nearly Time To Go!!!!

Jack with his 23lb common.

Another 23lb fish this time for Alex.

18 October 2008

It was the second week of October and after doing a night on a local water and not caught anything we decided to have a walk round St. Johns as we still had 24 hours left of our session before we had to get home. Sadly with the weather changing so suddenly not a lot was coming out, however there was a few swims vacant on the social bank just to the left of the life boy with fish boshing out all over the place. Needless to say we up sticks and moved into the swims. Having fishing there all day and night with fish showing in front of us, we still hadn’t caught a fish, we was beginning to think maybe its best we went home. we had to be off the lake at 2.30pm, it got to 12pm and we’d both packed up and given in to a blank!

Just before we walked out gear round to the car, I said to my mate we should have a quick look at the social bank towards the road bank, so we did, within seconds fish were showing left right and centre. We both got out rods back out and cast bags at the showing fish at about 40yards. I hadn’t got my second rod out and the first rattled off! Couldn’t believe my luck, I soon slipped the net under a gorgeous 23.12 common! I was so happy I cant really describe! Within 30 mins of my capture my mates rod screamed off with a mirror of exactly the same weight 23.12! we were both over the moon after we were so close to going home on the blank! We then wound in and went home very happy carpers!

I caught my fish on SBS M1 squid + octopus boilie with a bag of the same baits crushed up cast to showing fish at 40yards range.

My mate. Alex Woodall had his Mirror on Dynamite Spicy shrimp and prawn boilie with a bag of the same bait cast at showing fish at 40 yards range the same as me.

Jack Cuthbertson