What St. Johns is all about!!

26lb 06oz common.

20lb 10oz mirror.

20lb 06oz mirror.

24lb 10oz mirror.

Looking out from the Road Bank!!

16 July 2009

Arriving at St Johns for the third time in 5 weeks I was greeted by very strong yet warm winds from the south west. The blazing hot weather had long gone and I was now faced with ideal carping conditions.
A quick walk round revealed the road bank was fishing well as was the ever consistent ‘point’ swim. Unbelievably both the swims I fancied were being vacated so I had to make a quick decision before the ‘queuing up’ regime would take effect. I opted to take position on the road bank, taking the full brunt of the wind, hopefully where the fish would decide to spend the next few days as well.

As I set up camp the occasional fish would top out through the ever increasing waves in a dolphin like manner, putting my confidence at an all time high. Rigs. Trying not to overcomplicate things I began with a solid bag on one rod with boilie and stringers on the other two. To my disbelief the rest of the day remained fishless, however I had a feeling the trend wouldn’t last. My suspicions were confirmed as at midnight the rod on the solid bag ripped off. A very sizeable fish was trying its best to ditch the hook but thankfully everything stood up to the test and the Korda kurv remained firmly in place. The net was anxiously slipped under a stunning common carp before a sigh of relief was let out. She weighed 26lb 6oz and was hopefully the start of things to come. That night I went on to land no less than 5 carp including mirrors of 20lb 10oz and a 20lb 6oz.

The next day began well and a small double graced my net caught from a spot no more than 30 yards out. Fish were now showing very close in to the bank, obviously being pushed down on the wind. Due to this acrobatic performance I strategically placed 3 solid bags in a line to intercept any fish moving in the area. The tactic worked as a few hours later the middle rod signalled a stuttering take. I struck into solid resistance and a good 10 minute battle followed. The fish was again landed safely and went 24lb 10oz. Luckily, Chris Lowe was passing by and happily took a few pictures of which I was very grateful. After this, the number of shows declined and a blank 24 hours proceeded.

They were back! Around 2pm the net day the fish started to give away their presence once again and with this saw my optimism rise. 48 hours was my intended stay but there was no way I could leave with the fish clearly back in the area. Oxford was soon engulfed by darkness and once again as with the first night the fish responded. It’s almost as though the fish become less wary as the light levels fall. First to slip up was an 18lb mirror followed by a 19lb common with a mid double completing the trio. All three fish fell to a boilie and stringer approach, clearly preferring more nomadic feeding rather than a concentrated bed of bait.

I ended the 3 night session with 11 fish made up of; 4 twenties, 4 upper doubles and 3 low doubles. I felt I was unfortunate not to connect with something a bit bigger but I was extremely happy with what is my biggest haul of St Johns carp so far.

This is what St Johns is all about- Lewis Swift