Army Angling Federation Group 8 Carp Match (April 2007).

AAF Group 8 Match at Brasenose-1.

30 April 2007


After what seemed a long but mild winter break the Army Angling Federation Group 8 (Carp) section got their 2007 match season under way. The arrival of the much anticipated Match 1 was here at last!!! It was held at Richworth’s Linear fisheries Brasenose 1. With the superb success of last years opener and subsequent competitions held here, expectations were running high.

The attending members all arrived on the Thursday afternoon/evening where the group held their AGM. It was great to see a lot of new faces and to welcome back the old sweats of the section. With that done and dusted we moved on to an evening social where plenty of friendly banter and the swapping of war stories were had by all!!!

After an early rise to walk the venue and prioritise peg choice the nerve-racking draw took place. With the members either gutted or chuffed with their pegs we all moved off to our swims for the next 48hrs to set up and start feature finding and pre-baiting. At 1100hrs the horn sounded and the match was underway!!!

There were a few early takes from various pegs around the lake with the first fish falling to Mark Smith on peg 14. Fish continued to make the odd appearance but nobody was hauling as of yet. This seemed to be the score across the whole lake for the next 24hrs. Going into the last evening it was still there for the taking with only about 7 fish winning at this point. Anyone that has fished Brasenose 1 will know that if you’re on the fish then you can take that many in an hour if not more!!!

The final night was to be the decider as several pairs finally got into some fish and by morning the leaderboard was up in the air. A few Brasenose 20s has graced the bank giving a couple of the anglers new PBs. Well in to them guys. With the end rapidly approaching the anglers were doing what they could to try and tempt one or two more fish to add to their bag!!!

There it was!!!! The final whistle, and with that everyone got their gear packed up and made there way back round to the car park for the results and prize giving.

The final scores were very tight with the event being won by Paddy Hilson and Don Hamilton (Team Haggis and Tatties)!!!! First fish went to Mark Smith and the biggest went to Shawn (Bradders) Badcock (Team Ginger!) with a mirror of 22lb 8oz. The venue wasn’t quite as prolific as last year and the anglers certainly had to work hard for their fish. The average size of the fish caught however, has certainly increased. The lake stills remains an awesome match venue and I’m sure will continue to be so.

Final weights:
Don Hamilton and Paul Hilson – 159lb 12oz
Vini Shepherd and Steve Hill – 130lb 6oz
Mark Williams and Steve buckley – 118lb 13oz
Keith Leech and Sonny Andrews – 111lbs
Lee Bowles and Shawn Badcock – 87lb 14oz
Mark Smith and Ian Reed – 72lb 5oz
Andy Anderson and Gary McHale – 70lb 2oz
Richard Haggath and Karl Bird – 68lb 6oz
Chris Brignull and Carl Bullock – 61lb 5oz
James Arnall and James Kavanagh – 46lb 1oz
Seth O’Callaghan and Andy thacker – 45lb 7oz
Martin Jefferies and Trevor Ockwell – 30lb
Nik Dymow and Ron Karby – 29lb 5oz

With only 3 pairs blanking over the weekend!

The AAF Gp 8 (Carp) Sect is a group of British Based Serving Army Regulars. We are sponsored by Fox and Mainline Baits. We are proud backers of ECHO, If you are interested in joining then visit to learn more and download an application form or email Mark Smith (Secretary) for any further info

Until next time,

Tight lines.