Josh Hillman in Session

Sunset over Oxlease.

Brian with one of his Oxlease Mirrors.

Josh with an Oxlease Mirror.

Grubs Up !!!!

15 September 2006

Oxlease Lake 1st – 3rd August 2006.

Josh was the winner of the Nutrabaits “Bait for Life” competition, and so I had agreed to meet josh for a welcome to Nutrabaits session, and where better than one of Josh’s local waters …. Oxlease Lake.

Josh had just finished his GCSE’s and was busy getting stuck into some serious holiday fishing. Josh hails from the Oxfordshire area, and has been fishing since he was eight in fact he was only ten when he caught his first carp an 18lber.

The session was brilliant, the long hot spell had just broken and we arrived to a wind swept lake with fish topping in front of us. Josh was first off the mark with a small mirror, and he’d had a second before I’d got set up. There were fish being caught all round the lake, and even old Skoyles managed a fish.

Two days went all too quickly, we ended up with fifteen fish between us. The score ended Josh-8 and Brian-7. I’m not sure I want him with Nutrabaits if he’s going to catch more than the rest of us.

Thanks to Roy for his support in helping set up the session. Oxlease is a very impressive lake; I’ll have to find another excuse to get back there!

Regards, Brian Skoyles.