Tony Parsons Memorial Match 2009.

09 February 2010

Ever since the age of ten, carp fishing has became more of a hobby. Trying to go fishing as much as possible to try and add to the captures. The more time spent on the bank made the sport even more special. As I became more and more engrossed in the sport, I realised I wanted to go up a level.
One month whilst reading “total carp” I noticed an advertisement on the “Tony Parsons memorial event” at Oxford Linear Fisheries. I really wanted to give it a try but thought I had no hope, therefore thought nothing more of it. Soon after I entered a question into the “Q & A” section of the magazine by email, I had a reply to the question but also below it there was an invitation to the event! Not believing myself, I blinked and it was correct. An invitation. After many weeks of excitement, anxiousness and joy, the date was there.

The morning of the event saw all 20 kids and all 20 anglers, ready to fish. As children got paired up with there anglers. I was drawn with “Martin Clarke” an excellent carp angler. Straight into the swim and setting up was the next job (although this was left to my dad!). The rods were cast straight out to a gravel hump at about 60 yards, all baited with fake fluoro corn, followed by a couple of spodfulls of spod mix. 10 minutes down the line and the first bite of the event came to us. Landing it at 15lb 6oz was a great start.

From then on the days flew by, the fish kept us busy, the food kept us full and everything was great. The weather stayed nice. The same gravel hump was the spot that kept producing all the bites. Mainly the middle rod, but the others still produced. The same baits were used throughout the whole 3 days.

As the event drew to a close, the rods pulled in and everyone over to the tent.
At this point everyone gathered round and they announced the prize-winners! To my utter delight they announced that I had won the whole event and awarded me with 3 shimano carp rods. An amazing moment. Then everyone was awarded with a whole manner of carp fishing tackle. Everyone was excited to anything! We all then piled our new gear into the back of our cars, said our goodbye’s and thank-you’s and left what must have been the best 3 days of my life. In the end me and martin caught 15 fish and the biggest being 19lb 10oz a new PB.I’d like to thank everyone who helped at the event, especially Martin Clarke for teaching me and guiding me in the event and Marc Coulson for making it possible for me to go. It was truly the most amazing time ever!

By Robert Thurtell
Age 13,