48-Hours On Brasenose-1.

Ian Bluff 20lb 10oz.

Mick - 14lb 10oz.

06 November 2008

This is just a quick story regarding our trip down to Brasenose 1 during the first frost of the autumn 2008. We fished a 48hour session on the bank inbetween B1- and B-2. We started fishing about 14.00 on the Monday afternoon and where PVA bagging it at about 110 yards to a silt area next to a bar and straight away started getting liners. The fish seemed to be on the back of the wind and patrolling the bar, we didn’t get the first fish until about 1am in the morning it was a 20lbs 10oz mirror. The second fish came a few hours later at about 05:30 a 16lbs 10oz mirror; Both fish fell to Richworth KG1 chops in a PVA bag with response pellets.

The weather was very cold at this time due to an overnight frost but it didn’t put the fish off. Me and Mick my Father-in-law had six fish over a 48 hour session, this was the first time on Brasenose-1 but not the first time down on the venue. Over the past few months we have had several sessions on the Manor and St Johns but it was on this occasion that Mick had his first fish for the venue a 14lbs 10oz mirror from B-1. Thanks for a good time we are looking forward to coming back in the spring next year.

Ian Bluff and My Father In Law - Mick!!