New PB on St. Johns.

26lb 08oz PB.

03 September 2012

My 15 year old son Harry, and I, did a 24hr session on St Johns last week. It was Harry's first time on the Oxford Linear complex as he only started carp fishing this year.

We started the session being very open minded as St Johns was rammed to say the least. Harry was amazed to see a lake of this size as he has only fished his local water in Bristol which is only about 3-4 acres in size.

The day was quite quiet as only one fish had been caught on the other side of the lake so we settled in for the night and got our heads down. Morning soon came around I wandered into Harry's swim about 5.30am. Harry was up sat on a bucket looking at the water - he then had a screamer so he ran down to his rods and struck into a proper bend - his lead had been ejected and the prize came to the surface - he managed to dodge the weed and landed a mirror carp.

Harry looked into the net and a smile from ear to ear appeared on his face. We walked the landing net over to his unhooking mat and placed the fish down, unhooked the fish and placed the rod to one side.

The weighing began - 26lb 8oz of pure Oxford mirror carp - smily faces all round.

Harry used Mainline Cell bollies tipped with maize on a 16inch hook link, Korda safety clip and a Korda kerv shank hook.

This is a Personal Best for my son and he is hooked for life.

Harry and I will be a regular at Oxford as he is already asking when our next visit is going to be.

I would like to say to all the fisheries team at Oxford linear fisheries a big thank you for having a complex which is well managed with superb fishing.

Best regards

Kevin Pickford