An unforgettable weekend on Manor Farm.

30lb 06oz.

37lb 08oz.

15 May 2012

Going with the intention to beat my personal best of 19lb and bag a 20 I got more than I bargained for to say the least. Arriving on Friday morning my uncle jumped in swim 3 and I waited an hour for Ian Russell to vacate swim 4. After a few helpful tips from Ian and not too much confidence seeing as he only had one fish being 18lb I set off spodding out my hemp and boilies spod at 96 yards to a silty patch around some weed. I put a few kg out on my spot and 1kg on a separate spot for my third rod and started setting up my rods for the evening. Leaving it till 4pm I cast two rods over my main spot, one with a single cell and the other on a cell snowman rig with a home made cell pop-up and my third rod on my small baited bay on the far right of my swim.

Nothing came until 10pm where my uncle landed my target fish bang on 20lb I was a bit jealous, I went to bed at 11 30 and just as I was zipping up my sleeping bag my right rod flew off. I ran out of my bivvy and spooked two coots just under my rod to which I thought was the cause of my bite alarms going off but I hit the rod anyway to be greeted by a massive bend in the rod. 10 minutes later it was in the net! I put my rod down and peered into the net and was speechless. My uncle said looks like your still going to have to wait for that 20 as he read the scales 30lbs 6ozs! I was on cloud 9 wearing the cheesiest grin all night after nailing my new PB. The rest of the night brought nothing apart from a run at 5 am to which I lost the fish that straighten my hook!

Saturday was very quiet and my uncle landed a 2 fish being 17 and 14lbs, I was quite happy spodding out and repeating what I did the day before still on a high from last night! After four hours sleep that night I was woken at 2am by a blistering take with my left rod ripping off line, after a massive scrap I got him in the net 30 minutes later and had to pinch myself this was even bigger! I woke up my uncle Stuart and said I think I have a bigger one; he got up looked in the net and went dead quiet only saying that is a big fish mate. We weighed it up and the scales ticked over to 37lbs 8oz! It was an absolute out of body experience and easily the best fishing trip of my life. Thank you Linear Fisheries for a fantastic 48 hours I will be back in 3 weeks.

Jamie Bowles.