34lb St. Johns PB.

34lb 04oz PB.

27 August 2010

I started my session on hunts corner on the 19/8/10 and fished peg one and managed to catch two lovely mirrors weighing 18lb 8oz and 17lb 5oz on the first night I was there, but the bites dried up so after a blank night I decided to pack up and move on to st jonhs for my last night. As I started to walk round the lake I noticed that the point swim was free so I soon ran back to the car grabed my stuff and jumped in that peg. There were a lot of fish showing just past the first gravel bar so I cast one rod along the no fishing bank and one just off it Not long after I'd put out a light scattering of boilies around the general area, I had my first run, at 2am sun morning; I unfortunately lost that one but soon got the rod back out and didn't wait long for another bite, it came about 45mins later on the same rod but I managed to land that one. It was a 34lb 4oz mirror well pleased new pb caught on mainline cell my first carp out of st jonhs and my second time on there, will be back soon.

Richard Hill.