Hardwick lake and Smiths Pool.

02 October 2015

I arrived at the Linear complex nice and early as usual and made my way round Hardwick & Smiths in hope of locating some carp. I didn't really see much but going on previous knowledge and the anglers already lakeside I set up as close to the fish as possible. I fished a nice clear area at 80 yds in around 12ft of water - this was surrounded by dense weed on both sides but was known for doing a fish or two. I set up my Pva bag rig which was a short braided one armed with a Fox SSBP Hook, the bait was a NEW HINDERS PROTOTYPE wafter. This was all presented inside the rapide bag system filled with the Little Gemz Pelletz. After putting out the bags I spomded a mugga mix over the spot, this consisted of Carp Krunch, Groats, Hemp, Sweetcorn, Chopped Tigers the 16mm Krill which was fished in whole and chopped form and last but not least - all of which was topped of with the CC Moore Roasted Nut Extract...beautiful stuff! I managed to bag three lovley mirrors from mid to upper doubles, not my best haul but great social and just great to lakeside.

Dan Vallis