St. Johns Session.

St. Johns.

20lb Mirror.

26lb Mirror.

30lb Common.

14 April 2011

I was fishing on St John's lake last week opposite Kempey's Point on the caravan site bank, to a hole in the weed about 60yards. The week started steady, having a few takes from smaller fish between 11lb and 15lb, so i kept the bait going in on a little and often basis. The spod mix consists of 10ml en-gauge xp boilies, maggots, hemp and pellet. Half way through the week, at about midnight, i had a take from a stocky of about 14lb, I put the fish back and had a solid bag made up ready of a mainline cell dumbell pop up, hemp and halibut stick mix and active feast from CC Moore and that went straight back out on the spot. When 30mins later the solid bag went off which turned out to be a 26lb mirror. (Lovely, now that's a better fish i thought) The takes continued through the week but were still from smaller fish. I was also missing and losing a lot of fish through hook pulls in the weed. So, on the last night i didn't put pellet in my spod mix thinking it was drawing in the smaller fish and that night at midnight, I had one hell of a screaming run which turned out to be a 30lb common, which fell to a single en-gauge xp glugged barrel hook bait balanced off with a yellow dumbell northern special. A couple of hours after that, i had a 20lb mirror (same hook bait) and a couple of hours after that i got cut off on the shelf from which felt a very good fish (but could of been a cat). All in all i had 10 fish, probably missed and lost the same amount of takes.
The reason i am writing this to you is because last year i only had 3 takes. One from a stunning 21lb 8oz mirror, one 16lb pike on a bottom bait, and one lost fish. And my first session in 2011 i had 10 fish including a 30lb common, 26lb mirror, 20lb mirror and 7 smaller fish to 18lb 08oz.
Kind regards,

Justin Cassell