Bank Holiday Success.

34lb 08oz Oxlease Mirror.

26 April 2014

After turning up to an absolute chocker full linear fisheries on the Saturday off the recent bank holiday weekend , I found one off only two pegs left on Oxlease and quickly dropped into one. After only deciding to go fishing last minute I'd not prepared too well and with less than I kilo off boilies set about fishing singles or a stringer to showing fish , so with a single home made fruity white wafter and a two bait stringer attached to both my rods I cast out for the night with little confidence as either side off me we're two anglers who we're spodding plenty off bait out....

6:30 the next morning I woke to a steady take and proceeded to land a 29.6 mirror , recast and 5 hrs later same rod was off again to a fish off 34.8, two hrs later my other rod was away which unfortunately resulted in a hook pull, second night was slow with nothing occurring till early morning again the resulting run was 8lb pristine common, followed ten minutes later by a 12lb mirror, then around dinner time another take resulted in a 23lb mirror. All in all a nice little 48 hr session on minimal bait off a single wafter accompanied with a two bait stringer each cast ..... With thanks and gratitude to a first class fishery .... Kev Mc Guinness