Sticky Rib.

Sticky Rib at 43lb 04oz.

31 October 2011

Sticky Baits user Kirk has sent us an email with a report of a cracking session up at Linear Fisheries Manor Farm Lake, Kirk takes up the story

"iIn October 2011 I went to linear with a mate for four days, we got to the complex and decided to have a look round st johns first, on speaking to the anglers

on there no one had caught and there were no signs of any fish showing, so we headed off to the manor to have a good look round, as we walked
round we saw a couple fish show near the peg they call the bailiffs, on walking round to the peg we met Roy the head bailiff, he said we should

go and see what was happening on Oxlease as it was fairly empty, we trudled off to Oxlease, but there was nobody on the pond, we wasnt sure if

that could be a good thing or a bad thing so we both thought manor would be our best choice as we had seen fish showing over there.

We arrived back at manor and we could see that the pegs we had seen were still open, so our mind was made up, we got ourselves sorted and i
got the maker rod out finding a nice hard silt patch, this i baited up with 3kg of party mix that i had soaked in Sticky Bloodworm Glug and
the Krill liquid, top this i added chopped Sticky Bloodworm boilies.
I sat back and settled into my session, but on after only 3 hours of the rigs beening in water i had a take over the spodded area and managed to land
"Sticky Rib" at 43lb 4oz !!!"

Regards, Kirk Temple from Hull.

It just shows you the pulling power of your mix mate !!!!, good angling, what a a nice result and well done from all of us at Sticky Baits HQ !!!