Manor Farm Carp Fishing.

31lb Manor Farm Mirror.

28lb Manor Farm Mirror.

41lb Manor Farm Mirror known as Mr Ridiculous.

19 September 2013


At the time I was living in Wells in Somerset and wanted to start fishing linear fisheries. It’s about 50 miles plus so was quite far, I fished St. Johns in 2006 for 2 nights but blanked, I went back and fished manor in 2007, I like manor its size and depths just a nice lake. But all I could catch was tench; I did a couple of weekends but nothing just tench. It was doing my head in, but on my last Sunday morning my middle rod just fired off, it must been about 90 yard out over a lot off weed but I found a salty patch, so I hit it ,it just gave me such a good fight, I was playing the fish for about 20 minutes and in the swim I was in, it must been about 3 foot to the water so whilst was playing this fish I was trying to get my landing net in to position so as the fish got closer, I could see it, it was massive a 30lb or a 40lb easy so leaning forward pulled the rod back and the fish was half in the net, it slashed around and fired off again, so playing a bit more, and push the net out, pulled the rod back( it must of been about a foot wide this fish) it was half way in the net again, the rods bent right over, just about to pull the net up and the hook pulled ,the fish just stayed there,(that picture still stays in my mind now). I pushed the net but couldn’t reach so I jumped in the lake after it But it just bolted, and swam off. I was gutted, I’m not joking I could of cried, so went home so down and depressed, I could not believe what had just happened.

I planned to do a week back at manor so I booked it off with work, made some bait had everything sorted, set off it was a Sunday, I got to the Cotswolds and things got really bad, all the roads were flooded so after hours of driving, I got to linear but st john’s and manor were closed (The Summer Floods of 2007) had stopped me in my tracks, some bloke was sat in his car outside the gates he said to me everywhere was closed but even though horseshoe was flooded it was still open, so I drove to horseshoe but it was closed till Monday so I popped to a lake down the road and did 1 Night I had 3 but just doubles.

I got up Monday morning went to horseshoe I had to join the carp society so I could fish so did that, found a swim in summer bay but it was weedy where I was, but I found a spot, fished till the Saturday had 10 fish 26 lb was biggest. So I put everything in to fishing this lake and didn’t fish manor again, every weekend I would finish work go to horseshoe I fish 30 night and because id paid £600 so they gave me a syndicate membership for rest of the year. So I got the code for the gate and could go there when I wanted. Id had lots of 20lb 30lb. I fished winter bay, there was a lot of fish on the surface. Then Adam penning came round in to my swim ask it you could borrow my bating needle he was doing something in the blue post swim so I fished for the day then he came back and gave me my bating needle back he said he had a 21lb carp and said I should get in there . So the next day I fished it. No night fishing 1 rod only. The first time I fished that swim I had 6 20lb 4 low doubles second time 9 20lb 10lb bream, third time 8 20lb 8 doubles. I was ripping it to peaces so I went fishing the last bank holiday in may I was in summer bay no fish so the Monday I was going home . I popped in the blue post. it kicked off big time I had 45lb 4oz 32lb 31lb6oz 4 28lb 26lb 2 23lb and a 14lb bream and lake record . On my last day at horseshoe I went in that blue post and had a 30lb4oz have some of that, I was so happy; id had such a good year.

In 2013 I finally went back to manor farm and when I got there I had a feeling that I had some unfinished business. I had a good look round, I found the fish set up put 2 rods, I found a nice stop in the weed so I baited up and sat on it next minute it fired off I hit it and it came off ,not again so I put size 4 hook on about 8 inch’s hook length 3 oz lead banged it out again it was just off the baited area ,hour later it fired off again I hit it and bang I was in, I played it for about 15 minutes and like before when I seen it, it was about a foot wide my heart was in my mouth I was shaking ,I did not want to lose this fish I had to land it so I got in to position again with my net pulled the rod back just as the fish rolled in the net I lifted it up and could not believe what I seen ?? 41lb nice, was this that fish I lost 7 years ago?? It could be? ha-ha. So that nightmares over now. So fare since the 41lb I’ve had 31lb 28lb 28lb4oz 15lb and counting hope to see you on the bank some time.

Jason Hamilton