420lb's In 36 Hours !!!!!

Keith with a 17lb mirror.

One of Stuart's twenties at 22lb 09oz.

Keith with a 19lb 10oz mirror.

Stuart's biggest of the trip at 24lb 11oz.

Keith and Stu with a nice brace.

03 July 2007

Brasenose 1. 11-13th June 2007.

On the 11th of June I made the trek down to Linear Fisheries from my home in South Wales to meet my best pal Stuart who made the journey up from Christchurch, Dorset.
Our initial idea was to fish St Johns Lake but after a brief walk round we could see that it was incredibly busy with only a few swims between other anglers left. We were after some peace and quiet really, just to catch up and have a chat.

Bearing this in mind, we decided to check out Oxlease, but again it was incredibly busy too! After some deliberating we opted to check out Brasenose 1. To our delight it was really quiet with just 4 other anglers on the lake. What a result! Stu and I took a walk round, studied a few of the swims and talked to a few of the regulars. It seemed that most were only getting a few odd runs here and there.

The weather was very warm with a gentle breeze blowing in to the furthest bank from the car park. Typical! I knew I shouldn’t have brought that kitchen sink! We made what felt like a hundred trips back and forth to the car for our mountain of gear. After having a good splash around with the marker rod we eventually got the rods out at 2pm and it was only half an hour before Stu got the first run of the session.

After a hard scrap he banked a beautiful Mirror of 17lb 9oz. Followed very shortly after by a 15lb 10 oz Mirror on the same rod which was baited with a Maple boilie just past a weed bed 20 yards out. About an hour later and he was away again! Same rod and a wicked battle ensued with what turned out to be a gorgeous 23lb Mirror. This was looking like a white wash!

Not wanting to look totally useless I went on a charge and landed one at last around 5pm. A 15lb 3oz Mirror in perfect condition, taken on my right hand rod over a bed of spodded maggots and a Madusa rig to size 6 long shank hook. This was popped up just off bottom using artificial maggots on the rig.

I followed this up with another 3 in quick succession, all three Mirrors and over 17lbs each. The maggot rod was really doing the bizz. The session carried on in this manner and the maggot rod seemed to be the main option for me, taking 12 fish on this method up to 21lbs 3oz. I also managed to wangle a 12 pounder out on a Snowman Zig Rig as well.

Stu seemed to find the bigger fish though and ended his tally on 13 as well. Three of these were twenty’s to just under 25lbs. Our total was 26 fish for just over 420lbs in 36 hours fishing. Brasenose really put out for us this session and proved what a fantastic water it really is. Thanks to all at Linear Fisheries for our wonderful session. See you again soon.

Keith Supple.