31 May 2006

We have received a complaint from a angler visiting our Oxlease Lake that he was asked to leave for breaking our rules. He thought it was unfair that after he had driven a long distance to fish the water he was turned away for driving on the grass.
We are not happy about turning anglers away no matter how far they have travelled but, this angler had driven by at least three notices saying 'DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS' and had commenced to erect his bivvy while his car was still parked where it shouldn't be. Linear do not have any of the silly rules that some waters have and we want our visitors to be able to enjoy their fishing without having to worry about undue restrictions. The rules we do have are there for good reason and the one about driving on the grass is one that we intend to adhere to. That is why the warning notices are up on Oxlease Lake along with "No Vehicles Past This Point" signs around the fishery.
Please be warned we will not tolerate driving on the grass for any reason.