First trip to Linear.



18lb 06oz

22lb 13oz New PB

26lb Another New PB

26 June 2013

Day one!
i arrived at linear thinking on fishing brasenose 1 with my mate for a social, soon after ariving i saw the point on brasenose 2 was free this is a rare sight, i went to cheak it out and sure enough the fish were there so my mind was set it was b2 and no social, i proceeded to flick out some solid bags to try for a quick bite in the weeds as knew i held fish in the warmer weather and spod as the sesion progessed the first run came around 2pm i hit it and i delt with it this happerened again around 5 oclock then nothing else all night............

Day two! (the day of the first 20lb)
I woke up to the sound of carp jumping it sounded like 'pigs being thown from a boat' they seem to have moved from the weed and on the gravel in the sun about 80yards i felt around with just a bare lead as didnt want to get the maker float out and thrash the water to a foam found i soon found the band of weed then cast past it there was the clean gravel bar i cliped it up on the gravel i spoded on a area in line with the swim opposite , it got to about 3 oclock i was getting a bit worried as i had been there two days and still hadnt had one, shortly after the left rod screemed off sure enough i was into a carp it was a short and scrapy fight i was so glad to get the first one in the net looked a decent fish too i weighed it at 14lb great fish to start the trip first fish from a new water later the same day the left rod screemed off again this one was fishing a lot further past the spoded area on a solid bag i only got 4 runs biggest being 18lb, on the second day i had an idea to bait up with weston baits s.o pro boilies but the seagulls were a nightmare i baited up about 2.5 kilos as a spread all over the gravel i left it for the night hoping for a few runs at first light............. i got a screeming take at 3am i scrambled out the bivvy to hit the fish as soon as i hit it it took line i knew it was a 'gooden' it took more line and headed for the weed beds i manged to turn it after a 15 mintue fight the fish was in the net it was only when i switched the head torch on and i saw the thickness along its back i thought mabey i had bagged my first 20lb i weighed it i went 22lb 13oz YES!! i have a new pb and my first 20lb carp i soon got the rod out.... time for bed i thourght the morning soon came around with no more runs in the night.

Day three (the day of the second PB!)
i woke up bright and early still no runs, I waited it out untill dinner for a recast one soilid with crushed weston baits s.o pro, micro feed pellets, special g ground bait, tuna and almond goo i fished a gaz fareham rig with korda pink pop up mazie as this got me the bites yesturday i cast it about 95 yards followed by the other rod fished with a lead clip with a 10' hooklink with 3/4 of an s.o pro boilie and a 1/4 of a pink pop up on a DF rig and a stick with the same soilid bag mix, after this the runs came thick i was sure i found the winning method i had 4 more fish another two one at 18lb and one at 16lb i was knackered ! i fell asleep on the chair next to the rods i got another take this was going to be the 9th fish if i landed it i was still going for double figures with only 1 hour left of my sesion i was happy to have beat my pb and get 9 runs i soon landed this fish looked a nice fat dumpy fish with a thick shoulders as i was just unhooking the fish in the sling i had a blinding take! i scrambled out the water hit the fish it took line as soon as the hook was set it headed right for the weed beds i got it away from the first weed bed as soon as it got closer it went straight for the thick weed bed directly to the left (the one i fished earlier) i didnt let it get it in there it was a really hard fight as soon as i saw the flank of the fish i knew it was a decent fish i was delighted to slip the net under her it was only when the fish listed on one side knew it was a 25lb+ i was buzzing i put it in the retaining sling to get everything ready for her, i lifted her out and i knew it was a good fish the sheer weight i had never had before i weighed her she went 26lb on the nail ! i was absolulty over the moon with having 2 new PB's at 10 fish ! and thats all i had time for what a great way to finish my first trip to linear

Ryan Mallinder