Dream fishing - Young anglers first trip.

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30 May 2009

Dream fishing
Young anglers first trip... (May 09)
Young angler Kane Aziz from Edgware age 8, was made up with his first fishing session at Linear Fisheries Oxford.
Kane is a keen young angler and enjoys his fishing trips with just him and his dad, after fishing for tench at a our local water, fishing for only 24 hours at a time, his largest fish bagged in a session was a mere 2.2lb.

He fished his first 48 hour session on St. Johns Lake and had a dream tench fishing trip, which would make most anglers envious of his catch. Armed with 4 pints of castors, 2 pints of maggots and a tub of worms he managed to bag 9 tench, between the sizes of 7.2 lb and a whopping 10.3lb, using a 11 foot feeder rod and a Shimano 5010 GT bait runner with Daiwa sensor main line, a swim feeder of maggots over a bed of casters and a lob worm on a size 10 Korda wide gape hook with a 5 inch mono hook lenth. Kane did not only mange to catch his target species, managed to break his previous personal best with every fish he caught and even beating his dad’s personal best of 6.2lb.

Kane started fishing at around 3 pm on Saturday 2nd May, after fishing for just 1 hour bagged his first fish of 7.2lb, then his second fish was around 1 hour later which weighed 8.5 lb , baiting up for the evening he retired to the bivvie with dreams of catching bigger fish , Kane started fishing at 6 o’clock the next morning and caught the fish dreamed about, the biggest fish of the whole session weighing a staggering 10.3lb which he landed himself, absolutely amazed by the size of his catch Kane got his dad ring someone to check what the British record was as he had never seen a tench as big as this before, nor had I and I bet most other anglers have never seen such a majestic creature before. Then we spent the rest of the day bagging 4 more fish of 7.9/ 7.5 /8 and 8.6lb catching the interest of lots of anglers coming over to see what bait he was using, after a long days catching absolutely buzzing of what his last morning will bring Kane woke up at 5 o’clock and bagged 2 more tench of 8.1lb and 7.8lb and spent the rest of the day rubbing it in to his dad, about beating his personal best.

Since returning from the lake Kane has decided to save up to go to Linear again and has asked me to write his story . We found Linear well managed with toilets located near most swims, a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, excellent swims well spread out and plenty of help on site. Whilst we were there we saw 3 different 30lb carp and a 20lb carp in neighbouring swims being caught. What a weekend we will defiantly be coming back to Linear again soon and would recommend it to anyone.

Many thanks Jay and Kane Aziz.