Syndicate Session.

30lb 07oz.

24 May 2012

One a recent rip to Richworth Linear targeting tench Shimano Normark senior consultant Jan Porter found the tinca's in a dour mood after a supercell weather system passed through and dumped hailstones the size of marrow fat peas on the lake.

A biting Easterly wind made matters worse but the following day saw a high pressure front move in and he spotted several carp at about forty yards in the top layers of the water sunning themselves at about 40 yards.

Jan took the opportunity to tie a zig rig onto my Purist tench float rod as it was over 10' deep and I only had 11' carp rods, in no time at all I banked a couple of mid double mirrors which fully tested the 12' 6" 1lb test curve rod.

However the next fish bore away extremely hard and he knew it was much bigger, after a 7 minute battle a 30lb 7oz mirror graced the landing net.

Jan told us "It is the biggest fish I have ever caught on a float rod but it handled the fish extremely well, there were no snags to worry about as I was fishing in open water and the only moments of concern was when the fish hugged the bottom of the ledge, it just seems to sit there and sulk".

"After applying a little more pressure she came to the net and I always felt in control of the situation which made up for the slow tench fishing and shows you don't always have to use broom handles to land good fish".

Jan was using a Shimano 4000D bait runner loaded with 10lb Catana mono.

Kindest regards & best wishes!