Latest Catches - November 2005

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New P.B. for Will !!!!!!! [21/11/2005]

Will Maiden from Wolverhampton caught this new P.B. 29lb 08oz mirror during his recent half term holidays. 14 year old Will spent 3 nights on Oxlease fishing over a bed of mixed particles and hair rigged fake corn, Will also had a single figure mirror and another 20lber weighing 22lb 09oz's. Top angling mate !!!!

Angling Times Winners on Oxlease. [21/11/2005]

Last week Adam Penning and Ian Chillcott took three lads down to Oxlease as part of their Fox Competition prize run through the Angling Times. Even with the night time temps dropping as low as (-7), a full mnoon and wickedly high pressure they still managed 6 fish between them!Here's a photo of one of the doubles they caught.

An Oxlease double for Adam Penning!! [21/11/2005]

One of the fish Adam and the lads caught down on Oxlease last week. This was part of a two night session for the Fox winners competition with the Angling Times.

33lb Hardwick Common!! [18/11/2005]

This 33lb common was taken by Jason Cann on Wednesday of this week. Jason was down shooting a feature for the January issue of Total Carp Magazine, so look out for that when it hits the shelves!!

Cold Morning on St Johns!!!!!! [18/11/2005]

I just took this photo (Fri-18th), to give you an idea of how cold it's been down here in the mornings over the last couple of days, so if you're down on the weekend come prepared because we've got this weather for a few days!!!!!

32lb Ghostie out of Guys!! [16/11/2005]

This is the 32lb 04oz Ghostie Clive Turner had in the same session that he had the Lake Record Ghostie at 34lb's.

25lb Guys-Unity mirror. [16/11/2005]

Another good fish that Cliver had durring his session last week, 25lb 06oz mirror.

Lake Record Ghostie!! [16/11/2005]

As mentioned in last weeks news, here is a photo of Cliver Turner with the new Guys-Unity Lake Record - 34lb 03oz.

25lb Pike for Linear Bailiff Basil. [16/11/2005]

Basil Hopkins from Ducklington had this lovely 25lb pike today on a mackerel dead bait.

Hardwick [15/11/2005]

Dom Spalding had this lovely 34.04 mirror on Sunday from Hardwick Lake. He also had a 28lb common and a mid-double mirror, which can also be seen on the Latest Catches.

Upper Twenty Hardwick Common!! [15/11/2005]

This is the 28lb common that Dom Spalding had along with his 34lb mirror.

Pretty Hardwick mirror for Dom. [15/11/2005]

This is Dom with a mid-double mirror that he had along with the upper twenty common and 34lb mirror.

1st Place in the Junior Pike Match. [15/11/2005]

This is one of the two 5lb+ pike that young Mr. Benwell caught to earn himself 1st place in the competition.

Biggest Pike for young Mr.Dent. [15/11/2005]

This was the biggest pike caught durring the weekends junior pike match. The photo shows a very proud J. Dent displaying his fish with Angling Stars Martin Bowler and Nige Williams. This also earned him 2nd place in the competition.

22lb 14oz mirror out of St Johns!! [11/11/2005]

This lovely mirror was caught by Andy along with his P.B. 32lb common, which is also shown in the Latest Catches.

32lb St Johns Common for Andy. [11/11/2005]

25 year old Andy Lay form Southampton had this 32lb common overnight using particles at about 90 yards. This was a new P.B. for Andy!!

Geoff Campion's 1st Ever Pike !!!! [11/11/2005]

Geoff Campion had his first ever pike when he came down to St Johns with Top pike angler Nige Williams. Geoff had 8 pike upto 10lb 10oz under Nige's expert guidence!!

40lb St Johns Common. [10/11/2005]

Matt Pettit with the big common he caught last week, Matt had the Common at 40lb 08oz on a Nash Baits white chocolate boilie in conjunction with a stick rig and CSL pellets. This was Matt's first 30+ carp and beat his P.B. by 13lb's!! This fish was one of two 40's to come out of the Linear Complex last week!!!!!!

26lb Oxlease Mirror for Aaron!! [08/11/2005]

13 year old Aaron Savin had this lovely 26lb 2oz mirror out of Oxlease on the 27/10/05.

35lb mirror out of Oxlease!! [08/11/2005]

Were not sure how recent this photo is, but it has been sent down by Robert James. This is a cracking fish at 35lb 06oz, and not far off the Oxlease Lake record. The photo also shows Roberts's cousin Adrian Batty. Cheers for sending down the photo lads!!!!

The "Birthmark Linear" at 35lb 12oz [04/11/2005]

Bernie Loftus had this cracking linear out of Manor Farm this morning!!

Cut Tail at 41lb 04oz. [04/11/2005]

Mick Perry with Cut tail out of Manor Farm, this is her best weight for a couple of years, and by the look on Mick's face he's obviously glad to see her!!!!!!

28lb 10oz mirror to Andy. [03/11/2005]

Andy Parfitt had and i quote "the trip of my life" at the weekend over on Oxlease, catching mirrors of 27lb, 18lb and this 28lb 10oz P.B. along with a common of 26lb 14oz. Andy broke two P.B.'s durring his trip and used single Mainline pineapple boilies "bottom's"!!

27lb Oxlease Mirror. [03/11/2005]

This was Andy's 27lb mirror from Oxlease last weekend!!

26lb 14oz Oxlease Common. [03/11/2005]

Andy's new P.B. common from Oxlease, caught last weekend.

Jason with a 28lb Manor Mirror!! [03/11/2005]

Jason Cann had this 28.08 mirror along with 5 doubles on particles. Jason took these fish over on the River Bank.

Dave has "Moonscale" at 34lb 08oz [01/11/2005]

As reported in yesterday's news here is Dave Miller with "Moonscale" out of Guys-Unity lake.

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