Day Ticket Prices

Day only fishing – (Day only prices apply to the period when gates are open: 8am-9pm March-Sept and 8am-6pm Oct-Feb)

These prices apply to all day tickets waters except Hunts Corner Lake and Pond

1 Rod    £8.00
2 Rods £17.00
3 Rods £20.00

24 Hour Tickets

1 Rod  £12.50
2 Rods £25.00
3 Rods £31.00

Hunts Corner Lake - up to 12 hrs (during period when gates are unlocked)

Day Only Fishing- (Day only prices apply to the period when gates are open: 8am-9pm March-Sept and 8am-6pm Oct-Feb)

1 Rod   £12.00
2 Rods £18.00
3 Rods £21.00

Hunts Corner Lake - 24 Hour Tickets

1 Rod   £16.00
2 Rods £32.00
3 Rods £38.00

Hunts Corner Pond and One Summer Pond [one rod, day fishing only]

1 Rod   £8.00


All children under the age of 16 will be able to fish for free as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult/guardian angler in the same swim. They must have proof of ID, preferably the free EA license that they need to apply for. Between the ages of 12 and 16 they can fish in the adjacent swim to their parent/guardian and in such cases they would get their ticket at half price. Under the age of 12 they MUST fish from the same swim as their parent/guardian. Please remember that when doubling up in swims you can now only fish with a maximum of two rods each! To ensure we don’t encourage children into taking time off from school, these discounts will only apply during recognised school holidays and on the weekends, (from Friday evening until Sunday evening).


On Tuesdays to Thursdays only there will be an extra reduction of £1 a rod for OAP’s on top of the existing £1 reduction per rod currently in place.

Further information

With the exception of Hunts Corner Lake day tickets on our waters are transferable from lake to lake and if you have purchased a ticket on the waters you may transfer to another if you wish. On all lakes anglers may start fishing before purchasing a ticket. Remember that a separate E.A. Fishing Licence is required. If you use more than two rods you require by law two E.A. Licences.


There is a concession for the disabled, OAP's and juniors of £1 per rod off the above prices.

The armed forces

Linear is continuing to support the armed forces and is pleased to be able to offer half price tickets to all members of the Army, Navy and Air Force on production of their I.D. card. To take advantage of this offer all cards must be in date and clearly show the expiry date.

Booking swims

The diary for 2021 is now FULL – We cannot take any more whole lake bookings or groups of ten or more for this year. We are now only taking group bookings for 2022 onwards.

We do not take bookings on general day tickets, the only bookings we take are for matches/events, booking the disabled swims, bookings of over ten people, for some filming/PR requirements and for some tutorials. If you are concerned that the water you want to go on will be crowded, then you can always ring our Head Bailiff, a day or two before your trip for an update on the situation, the Head Bailiff’s phone number is 07885 327708. We also add daily swim updates to our website and Facebook Page, every evening, these detail how many swims are free on each lake at the time the update is posted. There is usually room on our day ticket waters, even at the busiest of times.

Day tickets are available from the Linear Bailiffs who patrol the waters regularly. You may start fishing at your chosen lake when you arrive and pay the bailiffs when they come around. just turn up and pay the bailiffs on the bank. The highest possible standard of behaviour will be expected from everyone who visits the site.

Hunts Corner Lake

Please note - Prices for Hunts Corner Lake are slightly higher than for all other day ticket waters due to the limited number of swims. See pricing information above.

Moving to another lake

During the period your ticket covers you may transfer to other day ticket waters on the site (apart from Hunts Corner if you do not have a ticket for this lake).

Pay by credit/debit card on the bank

Credit/debit cards can be used on the bank to pay for tickets. Bailiffs carry a wireless, hand-held card machine.

Credit and Debit card payments supported

No cheques

For administrative reasons we cannot accept cheques as payment for day tickets.