Reserving swims

This section is to clarify the situation with reserving swims at the fishery. We don't actually take any bookings or reserve swims unless they are for match/event advance bookings or for groups of ten or more, again booked in advance. The only exceptions we may make to this are for the disabled swims on Oxlease or B-1, magazine or DVD shoots, some tutorials or for the 'On-Call' emergency duty bailiff/first-aider at weekends. However, when you first arrive at the fishery we have no problem at all with you walking round with a bucket or item of tackle and reserving the swim, just long enough for you to return to your vehicle, load your barrow and then return to that swim. Please note however that if the bucket is there for more than about 45 mins the fishery team may remove it and leave it at the fishery office. In recent years we've had major issues with anglers trying to stop other anglers fishing the swim next to them or reserving swims for mates that are miles away, normally by placing a bucket or item of tackle in it. Another issue he have is when anglers show up, drop a bucket in a swim and then go for a wander around all the lakes to see if there is a better option, this is not allowed as it takes too long as is not fair to other anglers looking for a spot to fish. If there is a genuine reason why you may need to leave it a bit longer, you must make sure you contact the on-site bailiff to make him aware. If you see anyone breaking these rules, then please let a member of the fishery team know so we can deal with it. Anyone deliberately abusing this rule will be asked to leave the site. (Head Bailiff 07885 327708).

Can we also take this moment to advise you about what you should reserve a swim with, when you return to your vehicle. Please ensure you use an empty bucket or something of a similarly low value. It's very rare that we get reports of buckets/tackle being stolen when reserving a swim in this way but it has happened in the past. We are a very busy site and may have an angler fishing the complex that is far less genuine than others, so please only use something of low value. We hope that all makes sense and clears up any confusion you may have, if you are at all unsure, then please give the fishery a call or send us a message. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.