Catching Jordan!!

Jordan at 38lb 12oz a new PB!!

23 March 2009

My Dad and I arrived early at the complex on the 21/08/08 and after a short look around the lakes we decided on the Hardwick side of Hardwick/Smith's Pool where there were only two other people fishing. Neither of us had ever fished the lake before but had aways liked the look of it.
We had chosen two swims on a point surrounded by trees. The atmosphere felt very fishy with a warm wind blowing into the bay on my left. I spodded a good amount of mixed particles, pellets and boilies at around 60 yards and fished a trimmed down 16mm A2D Baits Spicy Crab and Mussel boilie over the top, with a matching pva stick and put this on both rods.
It wasn't until the early hours of the following morning when I recieved a twitchy take on my right hand rod following some violent liners, resulting in a very pretty stockie of around 12lbs. After topping up the baited area with a couple of spods, nothing occured until 3:00pm that afternoon when another low double stockie graced my net.
We had decided that we should treat ourselves to a nice curry that evening so we ordered it to the Hardwick car park. I went to collect it and noticed on the board a picture of Hardwick's most prized fish - Jordan, and thought how dearly I would love to catch it one day.
After finishing our curries at about 8:30pm I was filled to bursting. All of a sudden my right hand buzzer let out a series of beeps and the hanger pulled up tight to the rod. Still full of curry I waddled over to my rod and hit into an absolute animal. It was the first fish I had hooked that session which took line from the moment I hooked it. About 20 minutes into the fight I new whatever I had hooked was in a different league to the others and my heart was in my mouth. All of a sudden the other rod burst into life. Two at once! I let my dad land the other fish which fortunately turned out to be the smallest of the session at around 8lbs. With that fish slipped back it was time to try and coax whatever I was connected to towards the net. After some powerful, gut-wrenching lunges under the rod tip, the fish was ready. As the light levels had deteriorated I couldn't see how big the fish was as my dad slipped it into the net. He said 'Its a big fully-scaled' and before I even looked I knew. Shining my headtorch into the net confirmed my suspitions - Jordan was mine! The sling was zeroed and as I hoisted her up, the Fox Digitals settled on 38lbs 12oz. What a result - and a new PB by over 8lbs. The trophy shots were done with a minimum of fuss and the great fish was slipped back to its watery domain. I felt like the luckiest angler in the world!
After about an hour of running around like a headless chicken I finally calmed down enough to get the rods back out and within a minute of recasting, the right hand rod was away again and it turned out to be my first common of the session. A very clean fish of 16lbs 8oz and this was followed shortly by another small mirror.
The sport slowed the following day as the wind switched round and turned very cold. I wasn't going to complain. I had a fantastic time and I will be returning to Hardwick many more times in the future.

Thanks, Michael Smith