First Trip to Linear.

16 July 2016

Matt just shared this post with us.
A 48 hour session at Linear fisheries "my first" was all I had hoped for, after arriving shortly before the complex opened the gates where soon unlocked. We had in mind some preferred waters to concentrate on but a main lake closure had forced other angling pressure across the complex so we focuses on the Oxlease Lake, as we walked round there was plenty of signs it had been fishing well but good swims where few and far between so we carried on across to Hunts Corner Lake which to our surprise was not as busy as it could of been. After locating some moving fish at the far end of the lake we where lucky enough to grab two swims next to each other which gave us nearly a third of the lake to target.
Choosing to bait up heavy from the start seemed to pay off with four of the best fish been caught within the first 6 hours, the best being a PB of mirror at 29lb12oz, others at 15lb, 23lb and 25lb also losing three in weed. As predicted the fish backed off a little as the wind and temperature changed and a high pressure built, so taking a gamble packed up first thing and switched lakes moving onto smiths pool.
Again to our surprise we managed to locate two swims close by which gave us plenty of water to work with, choosing to fish close in turned up a morning bite, a lovely mid double mirror. All the fish where caught using a combination of home made boilies, Hull Particles and maggots
I can't wait to get back and see what the other lakes have to offer. Cheers for being part of it Miles Alvarez.