Hardwick Blog - by Dan Vallis.

20 October 2015

Having still not managed to slip the net under that elusive 30lb carp I was keen to book in another session on Hardwick. I checked the website thankfully and had noticed the lake was closed all week up until the Friday I was due to fish. I decided to take a half day off work in hope of securing a better swim when the lake became open, and I'm really glad I did. Once again I arrived just as other anglers were setting up and starting to look round - so I was quick to head to one of my favourite swims 'The Christmas Tree' and started to set up. With me on this trip I had good friend Scott Rivers who had never fished this venue before and I was really keen to get not just myself catching but Scotty as well.
I started off fishing the known hot spots and baited up as I normally would with my spod mix or Munga mix as most like to call it which consisted of Hemp, Carp Krunch, Groats, Chopped Tigers, Sticky Baits Krill boilie in whole and chopped form all of which was mixed together with the CC Moore Liquid Roasted Nut extract. I have to say this liquid just tops it off lovely with that unbelievably smooth nutty flavour. I presented three bags filled with the 2.3mm Little Gemz pellets over the baited spot chopping and changing areas until I got my first take. Keeping to my tried and trusted tackle and new Hinders prototype wafters I managed 6 bites, three of them being really nice scaly mirrors all just over 22lbs. Once again that thirty pounder eluded me but I was just happy to catch, unfortunately Scott didn't manage to bag any this trip but having done some quick filming and seeing first hand what Hardwick has to offer I know he will be back.