Five Thirties in a Session!

32lb 08oz

30lb 08oz


36lb 10oz

35lb 02oz

26 June 2013

I started the session on Brasenose-One slowly and into a 72 hour session I moved swims twice in 24 hours only landing 2 fish at 30lb 8oz and 32lb 8oz the lake was fishing slow but the fish were clearly there so I decided to move into the corner as I could see a lot of big fish moving down the near side of the bar and showing so I set up as quietly as I could as I was only fishing 20 yards out into a 4 1/2- 5 foot long bar 2 1/2 foot wide directly in front of me. I put out 5kg of spod mix and within 20 mins started catching didn't even finish putting in the bait and the rods screamed off resulting in a double as the session went on the fish were getting bigger and bigger and sure enough started getting the big girls, I couldn't keep my rods in the water constantly baiting I spent 48 hours in the same swim landing 38 carp.

The second day into the session I started to land the bigger ones resulting in a 33lb followed by 35lb 2oz and to top it landed a 36lb 10oz pb with loads off back up fish from 20lb up to 29lb on the last day I swopped over to zigs as clearly they were in numbers in the upper layers, on the 2 rods using fox zig inliners black on black, red with black foam and managed to land 18 on zigs totalling 22 on the bottom 18 on zigs.

Packing up I was tierd from the action but really happy with the result outstanding day ticket venue as I am local its my number 1 choice when I am planning a trip.
my first ever session on there I landed 4x 30's up to 33lb and 30 fish out last year on the same peg so keeps me coming back excellent fishing venue.

wayne Cadle