Keeping Mobile on St. Johns.

25lb 08oz Mirror.

24lb 14oz Stunner.

The Old Warrior at 24lb 14oz.

New 32lb PB.

19 April 2012

Just thought I would tell you the story of my first session of 2012. I turned up on Sunday 8th April, buzzing with excitement for my first session of the year, although secretly worried because of the weather. I had a look round St. John's and decided to set up next to the social bank so to set traps in the entrance of the main body as not sure where the fish would be because of the weather. So in my mind I could intercept them as they moved up and down the lake.

The first night I sat by my rods all night waiting for a take as it sounded like buffalo and pigs jumping out of the water over the spots. But, a take never came. So, at first light, I brought all three rods in thinking there was something wrong with the rigs. Under close inspection there was nothing wrong and they should have been picked up. After scratching my head and spending another two quiet, blank nights in the same swim on Wednesday morning at first light I brought my rods back in and went searching for fish. I found some fish at either end of the shallows but the swims were taken. There was a swim free in the middle. I didn't see any signs of fish in front of the swim but I thought I would be closer to them and they were active. So I quickly went back to my original swim, packed my gear away and I was off.

I set up in the new swim and found a nice silty area about 20 yards out and 7ft deep. I put about 10 mini spods over the top thinking it would be prime for a bite as the weather was all over the place with some cold nights. But sadly another blank night came. So at first light I got up again, still scratching my head on what to do as I have tried everything I could think off to get a bite. As I was standing by my rods, I noticed some fish showing off the Caravan Site bank opposite Kempey's Point and as luck would have it the anglers fishing there looked like they were starting to pack up. I quickly wound the rods in, and ran round to speak to them. Out of the two of them they had only had one 15lb mirror. But they said they had been there for a few days and the fish had been crashing in front of them regularly. So without hesitation I went round to my second swim of the session, packed the gear away and was away again.

After lugging it round and setting it up I was just praying for a take. After getting sorted out, I put 1 on a zig, 1 on a single over a clear area with a couple of mini spods over the top and the 3rd on a choddy with about 10 boilies around it. Quicker than I thought it would happen I had a take on the zig but sadly lost it. Then as I lent the zig rod on the bivvy, the single rod went. After a short fight I lost that fish also. As you can imagine I started to think I’ve lost my mojo! Just as I was starting to beat myself up, about an hour later the choddy rod went off. I managed to hang onto this fish. So my first fish of 2012 turned out to be a 25lb 8oz mirror (finally I got a fish in the net, I had started to think the carp gods were laughing at me).

No more takes came and I started to think the fish had moved again but knew some other anglers were packing up in another area and they had had a couple of fish. So once again on the Friday I packed the gear up and moved again into the Henman Hill swim. The weather was also better at the time. Once set up I quickly started having takes. My second fish of the year turned out to be an old beaten up old fish known as “The Old Warrior” weighing 24lb 14oz. The fish had some previous injuries which may have been a result of someone else's very bad angling ethics. But a young lad I think his name was Dom who does the BYCAC helped me treat the fish and we returned it hopefully better off from being treated with a carp care kit. Not long after that I had another take. This time a cracking scaly mirror was in the net. Again it weighed 24lb 14oz. After putting the scaly fish back, it dawned on me the fish seemed to be responding more to a handful of boilies rather than spod mix. So that night, all that went out was a couple of handfuls of Live System boilies with singles over the top and that’s it. Which resulted in a new PB 32lb mirror at about 1am. Apart from a couple of lost fish, no more takes came as the weather turned to a freezing cold north and easterly wind and the fish moved out of the bay as was thinking all it done was to push cold water into the bay. I would be the first to admit I don’t think I fished my best as a bit rusty as my last session was beginning of November. But its always good to start the year with a 30, a PB and a couple of days before my birthday. Also it was the first time giving CC Moore Live System a proper go. I would also have to say, by the end of the session I was knackered, but it was worth it. All the fish fell to the live system either on the chod or trimmed and balanced with white and pink northern specials.
Yours sincerely
Justin Cassell