Fishing Tuition on Brasenose-1.

Adam with his 14lb mirror.

10 September 2009

Fishing Tuition - 3rd, 4th & 5th August 2009

My dad read in ' Total Carp' magazine about an event for the Tony Parsons Memorial at the Linear Fisheries near Oxford. This event was for 3 days fishing with the stars. My dad entered my name into the event and I was surprised and delighted that my name was drawn out to take part in the event.

Because the event started at 9am on the Monday morning, we had to leave Hull on the Sunday and stay overnight. Mum, Dad, my sister Louise and myself stayed in the family tent. My dad has been taking me fishing since I was 9 years old, I am now 13 and enjoying angling more that I ever did.
The weather on the Sunday and Monday was okay, but the next two days it rained most of the time, this didn't bother me because I enjoy fishing no matter what the weather is.

On the Monday morning I was both excited and nervous and our names were put into a hat were we were all paired with a star angler, I was paired with Lee Collins for the 3 days and were fishing Brasenose One.

Lee was with me all of the time and he took me to the peg were we would be fishing from. We set up our bivvies and Lee started to show my how he made up his rigs, amongst other things he showed me how to use lead core, choice of PVA bait bags, different baits and how to balance baits. By this time I was not feeling as nervous as was because Lee was really friendly and it was very interesting talking to him and learning from him. We cast our rods out and went to talk to Mitch Smith and Chris Lowe who were at the pegs either side of us. I haven't seen a bivvy as big as the one Mitch was using, it was huge.

Chris asked me what the biggest fish I had caught, I told him that it was a 23lb Common Carp, caught in France in May this year. My dad took a picture of it. I managed to play and land the fish on my own without any help from my dad. All the time we were chatting we were listening for the bite alarm going off. All the day Lee was talking to me and showing me different things about angling.
At tea time we brought the rods in and went off to get something to eat, i was talking to the other kids whilst having my tea.

Me and Lee went back to the peg and cast out again after re-baiting, it was getting dark so I went and sat in my bivvy wishing the bite alarm would go off. At 6 o'clock in the morning the alarm finally went off, we landed a 14lb Mirror Carp, all this time Lee was showing me how to play the fish and how to land it.
On the Wednesday morning we all attended the prize giving and i was given a lot of bait and tackle, which I will put to good use.
All in all i enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot from Lee who i would like to thank for his time and patience. Thanks to Lee I will now be able to teach my dad a thing or two ????.

Adam Johnson. (Aged 13 years)