1st Time On St Johns Pool.

21lb 09oz.

23lb 12oz.

25lb 01oz.

01 May 2012

I decided to take the 150mile hike from where I live down to the highly rated Linear Fisheries to have 48hour session on the prolific St Johns Pool.
The Swim
When I arrived in the car park at St Johns I had a look across the lake to see most of the swims where taken, after a look around I had found a couple of swims one being about 5 swims down from the point swim, the other being around the opposite of the lake. After some thought I had decided to go around to the opposite side of the lake from the car park, but whilst on the way around I noticed a swim on the road bank that I had not seen from the car park, so I went down to have a look. Standing there for 5min looking across the lake I just got this feeling that this is where I am going to fish. I got my marker out and had a lead about, after a couple of casts I had found a nice silt bed, just to the left of a patch of Canadian pond weed at about 70-80yard out, which I thought was an ideal place to present my chod rigs, so I clipped my rods up to the area and proceeded to catapult a couple of kilo of Mainline Cell boilies in 15mm and 18mm across the area.
The Action
After having no action on the Friday or Saturday morning I was sat having a cuppa around dinner time and I saw that the guy on point swim was packing up to leave, so I sat considering my options and was contemplating moving onto the point swim, just as I was having that thought, I saw a fish show its self straight out in front of me just passed where I was fishing, this was enough to stay put. After seeing the first fish there was a couple more to show thereselfs still just passed where I was fishing, so I decided to put some more bait out to try and lure them in. At 2pm an hour must have passed with still no action, so I picked up my right hand rod with the intention of casting at a showing fish, as I was reeling in I saw a big set of shoulders surface above my area, seconds later my middle rod went screaming off, so I dropped the rod I was reeling in and jumped onto the screamer, I new straight away it was a decent fish, after a 5-10 min battle a nice chunky mirror surfaced and slid over my net. I unhooked the fish weighed it tipping the scales at 25lb 1oz, after getting a few pictures I let her go back to her home. I was buzzing after my first St Johns carp and was ready for more. It then seemed to drop off in the afternoon with the fish showing out in front of the point swim but I stuck to my guns and put some more bait out. The weather then took a turn for the worse as a strong north easterly wind picked up and it started to rain, but as I sat there watching the water with the wind behind me I started to see fish show over my area again. At around 8pm the middle rod went off on another screamer so I ran to my rod and struck into what felt like another good fish and after another good battle a dark common slid into the net, it was an absolute stunning wood carving of a common that weighed in at 21lb 9oz. I put some more bait out and sat watching the water until it got dark with no more action so I decided to get my head down for the night. Around 4am on the Sunday morning I was woken by sound of a bite alarm, which had actually stopped by the time I opened the bivvy, but I saw the light on my right hand bite alarm lit up and I could see the line had been pulled tight, so I went down to my rod and just pulled back on my line to see if there was tension, as I did it went so I struck into it out in the lake, then it kited to right and after getting it back in front of me I played it right over the net, get in! Another nice fish, a beautiful ghostie layed in the net that weighed in at 23lb 12oz and a new PB ghostie for me. That was the last fish I had before I had to leave at dinner, but what a session and what a fish to finish with. I think I will definitely be returning to Linear later on in the year to see if I can tempt one of the 30,s or maybe a 40.

Martin Bowers.