Brasenose Tutorial - With Ian Russell.

Brandon with a 29lb 08oz mirror.

Gary With a 30lb 02oz mirror.

15 August 2011

We met Ian Russell at about 7.30 on the 30/7/2011 for the day on Brasenose 1 we had the best day ever I myself learnt a lot with Ian and has improved my fishing in a lot of areas, I booked him to teach us how to zig rig fish as we weren't sure so as the weather was in our favour it worked our the to be the best tactic on the day. Apart from that he looked at my rigs and help me and my son in what and how to sort them out for much more bite with more efficient rigs, plus Ian showed us so much in a lot of areas that in the way he taught us made it a very fun but educational day we build up such a rapport with Ian that made it such a cool day well once we had the zig rigs sorted then we had my rods on pva bags to make them sleeper rods so we can concentrate on the zigs, my son lost his first fish but soon got his first one a 13lb to start the day then it was my turn and I lost the first one but then caught my new PB of a mirror of 30lb 2oz wow what a start to my hols I could not believe it and it was a start of many big fish through the 2 weeks hols.

Ian for me cleared up a lot of things that I knew about but was not quite sure about but the end of the day I came away with the knowledge and confidence to enjoy me fishing and had my level raised and through our holiday it help us to improve and get things right and not settle for that will do as Ian said casting to the right spot will get you fish settling for that will do would not an when we lost any fish we thought of how to make it not happen he got us thinking more about all aspects, Ian Russell is a fantastic coach with a great personality and a wicked sense of humour that made our day so much fun I’m booking him again and would recommend Ian to anyone that needs help with there fishing at the end of the day between us we had 2 singles 6 doubles 3 twenties and 1 thirty we had a great day great weather and a great geezer in Ian many thanks for a great time Ian.

Gary Lilley.

We met Ian at about 7.30 for a tutorial with him till about till 5 he taught us loads of stuff about the right bits and which would save us money in buying less end tackle and by keeping 2 rods close together. The first fish I caught was around 10 - 11 then about 10 mins later I had a 12-13lb mirror brilliant, so I re-baited up an cast to the same spot but lost a few, Ian explained that small carp mouths are very rubbery and soft and may not let the hook hold. My dad had a run and got his new PB a 30lb 2oz and what a great start for our hols didn’t get any more while Ian was there but my dad caught a 14-15lb not bad Ian left us and I was very happy with our tutorial as I learnt a hell of a lot with Ian in the space of the next 4 hrs or so we managed to bank 4 more carp three of which were mine a 20lb 8 a 21lb 8 and a 29lb 8 and my dad a 7lb. Thanks to Ian my casting, spoding, end tackle and all aspects of my fishing has gone up to a new level many thanks Ian your a great coach I had a lot of fun and gained a friend.

Brandon Lilley.