Oxlease Session to Remember.

A 36lb 07oz mirror for Dave.

A 20lb 14oz mirror for Dave.

Adam Seed with a nice Oxlease Mirror.

20 April 2011

During March my son, Adam gave me a birthday present of him buying a couple of nights fishing for us at Linear. We made the trip for Wednesday and Thursday April 13th. and 14th. On arrival we quickly found that the fishery was busy and the idea of a social couple of days in adjoining swims had narrowed. I knew that Adam was keen to fish St.Johns, but being "experienced angler's" {?} we had arrived with a mountain of kit that completely filled my 7 seater hatcback ! The idea of barrowing this around the lake didn't appeal. We moved down to B1 - found a couple of swims and drove round a bit to look for any others. Quickly we said, 'nope let's get back' .. only to find the swims taken. Arriving at Oxlease {which we'd heard was not prolific at this time, we agreed to take the sociable option and set up. Using a vitalin base spod mix, we spodded about a dozen lots of groundbait. At 4.40pm my first run came, producing a mirror a tad over 16lb. Things "felt" good, the wind was in our face, the water looked and felt "carpy" and our spirits were high. At around 3.45am I had a streaming run and hooked into a fish. It took me all around my swim and eventually took out my left hand line before I could net the beast. Happily, Adam heard the activity and arrived to help out. He immediately said "Pops, that's definitely a thirty plus !" I could only stare at the fish in the net. The "buzz" was huge and I was hot from the fight and shaking from the shear rush of adrenalin. We weighed the fish showing at 39lb 14 ozs -{ I knew my sling was around 3lb} - on weighing the wet sling it showed 3lb 7zs giving a net weight for the fish of 36lb 7zs ! What a great feeling, truly unbelievable ... Happily, next day caught a 20lb 14oz fish before extra pressure on our bank pushed the fish to the other side. Thank you to Roy Parsons who said that this was only the third instance of a son paying for a father to fish and all staff at Linear to give folks like us a chance to land big fish !! ps it was great that all Linear staff were really chuffed about this Birthday story and if this fish is a recognisable fish it would be great to know when last caught and at what weight ? Thanks agin Dave and Adam Seed.