My Fishing Experience (Manor Farm Lake).

16lb 10oz.

18lb 06oz.

36lb 04oz PB mirror, known as "Peppa".

25 June 2012

I'm writing to you to convey that I had the best weeks fishing of my life. I have been hunting for a 30lb plus carp for 10 years; I have caught many 20lb+ carp. Biggest of which was 29lb 12 ounces. In my search I have visited at least 20 different fisheries if not more. I have always wished to fish your historical grounds but never had the opportunity to.

A good friend of mine visited your fishery, back in May in the search of a 20lb carp. In his delight he came out with the experience of catching two 30lb+ carp, the biggest was 37lb.

It was this friend who recommended a five day fishing session, who in turn brought me to 'Manor Lake Linear Fishery' for my 29th birthday. I was able to relish in the fact that I could now tell stories of my struggle with a stunning 36lb 4ounce mirror carp.

(My struggle)
On the second day of having my lines in the water I caught a beautiful 16lb 2ounce linear carp which I caught at approx 4am. I did find I was getting a lot of line bites during the night (I wasn’t fishing during the hours of 11am-4pm of which was my mistake).

I then decided to change my game plan and chose to fish a little earlier in the day due to seeing fish rolling over my spot, I also made the decision to recast my line two rods shorter than I had been fishing on the first 2 nights.

Then came day three. I spodded a considerable amount of bait which consisted of hemp and cell boilies at 12am as I have done in the previous 2 days. An hour after I made the changes of time and cast there came the most almighty run, seconds later I managed to grasp my rod and immediately knew I was connected to something big, during this Jamie (My friend) ripped of his clothes down to his boxers grabbed my net and jumped into the lake. He waded in (Because of fishing in the willows which has a shallow shelf) into the deeper water. I was playing the fish it was a very dogged fight which was getting me excited knowing the larger of the carp usually fight in this manner. During the battle I felt the line ping off its dorsal fin which was a heart wrenching moment, this happened several times during the fight of which had lasted approx 10 minutes or so which felt like a life time. As the fish got closer to the net Jamie turned round to me and said "Mate!! You’ve got a 30". Knowing it was big I didn’t want to jinx it so I told Jamie I didn’t believe him (knowing I have spent many nights dreaming of this moment). After several moments where the carp was twisting and turning I thought I had lost it three times, it eventually took another five minutes to lure it in close enough for Jamie to land it into the net. To his surprise he shouted "It’s definitely 30+ Mate I’m telling you!!" (Not taking much notice but had a nagging feeling he was right). When we managed to get it onto the unhooking mat I had my weighing scales and sling ready.

So here came the moment what would it be??

Jamie picked up the carp and placed it into the sling, attached it to the scales and held it so there was no weight on the scales so I could watch the weight increase as he slowly lifted it off the mat. I watched the needle on the dial go past 10, 20, and 30 and all the way to 36lb 4 ounces when it finally stopped. Out came a deafening cry "Get In" (Danny Fairbrass style)

What a catch, I couldn’t wait to get photos of my pride and joy of the week. I have attached some photos of the carp I have the pleasure to come up against within your grounds.

In the remaining days I had left at the Manor I also landed the best looking carp I have ever caught before weighing in at 18lb 6 ounces. It had two apples sliced scales in the centre of the lateral line a superb specimen.

Once again I feel I have to thank you for the experience I have had and finally my search is now complete. I fish on a regular basis and do a five day fishing session at least once a year. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to fish in your waters in the near future and hopefully catch a new PB next time.

Yours Sincerely
Alex Pearce