My Manor Experience.

Cut Tail at 32lb 14oz - My New PB.

14lb 10oz common.

14lb 15oz common.

18lb 11oz Fully Scaled Mirror.

22lb common.

01 July 2009

On the 22nd of June 2009 I arrived at the Linear Complex for a week long session, following months of planning and preparation. I had fished here on four previous occasions back in the winter of 08/09. Twice on St Johns and once on manor farm and managed to blank each time.
When I arrived at the fishery I had originally planned to fish St Johns. However Manor Farm looked absolutely stunning, the water was sparkling in the brilliant sunshine causing me to change my mind. I decided to fish the swim in the middle of the road bank as it gave me a good view of the whole lake, which meant I could see any fish activity. I could soon move onto the fish if they started showing in another part of the lake. After setting up my kit I managed to find a lovely clear patch in the weed, about 35yards out from the bank. I felt confident I would get a bite from there and decided to bait the spot with 2 kilo of spod mix and keep topping it up as the session went on. The weather was red hot, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Everyone on the lake was struggling. Two nights passed without so much as a twitch on the bobbins. The fish seemed more interested in basking in the sunshine. I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen but I said to myself ’Just keep trying’. So on the third morning at 4 o’clock I decided to top up my swim with a few spod full’s of bait and at 7.15 a.m. to my disbelief my delkim screamed into life. I was soon into what felt like a good fish. The runs were slow but powerful. My arm was starting to ache. The fight seemed to go on forever. Eventually after a few scary moments in the weed the fish was in the net. I lifted the net and realised this was a very big fish and on the scales it weighed in at 32lbs 14oz and smashed my personal best by over four pounds. It was an absolutely gorgeous creature. I wasn’t sure which fish it was at first, but Roy soon confirmed that it was Cut Tail. This left me feeling fantastic. I was over the moon. I never dreamed that the first fish I caught at Linear would be Cut Tail. It was the lowest weight that she had been in five years, but that was immaterial. Just to catch such an historic fish was amazing. My confidence was sky high and by the end of the week I had landed a further four fish weighing between 14lb and 22lb. Overall it ended up being a fantastic weeks fishing and I would like to say a big thanks to all of the "Linear Team" for the great job they are doing and to my partner, Hollie, for taking some great photos. I will definitely be back soon. Next goal the Birthmark Linear!!!

Leigh Leavesley.