St. Johns Session.

Jon Young with a 22lb 08oz mirror.

Jon with his first ever catfish!!

Jon with a 20lb St. Johns mirror.

Richard with his 25lb mirror he had after a move!!

02 October 2008

Well it was a great 48hr session for my brother who has done a couple of trips to st johns with me but unfortunately blanked. Starting off having a walk round and a chat with the other anglers we decided to fish the social bank as it was void of line and unpressured we also new the wind was going to be in our favour.
After setting up we sat and watched the water for some time and noticed that the fish seemed to be up in the water so decided to let the swims settle till the evening. After spodding a gallon or so of maggots we settled down for the evening and just before the light disappeared my brother spotted a couple of carp roll 40 yards or so off the bank so put on a technipop and a small bag of pellet and chucked it to the spot.
An hour or so passed then his rod single toned and after a spirited fight had his first st johns carp in the shape of a lovely 22.8 mirror he was over the moon.
Quickly getting a bait back on the spot we settled down again and within the hour his rod screamed off again this time a pretty 20lb mirror stoked his joy even more. Through all this my alarms remained silent I was guessing i wasn't on the fish and that they were more towards the south west corner of the lake.
Morning came round and I woke early, it was very cold and there were no signs of any fish. At about 9 o'clock the sun was getting up and the wind started to push south westerly it felt a much warmer wind and I knew I had to move so down the corner I went and as I was putting my gear down the fish started rolling. Deciding to stick to technipops and small bags it only took a couple of hours and I had a lovely 25lb mirror on the bank. That was the last carp we had although my brother had a small catfish in the night which is also a first for him so he was more than chuffed.

Richard Young.