Brasenose-1 "In The Snow"!!

Brasenose-1 in the Snow.

Another shot in the Snow.

Looking down at my rods!!

14 May 2008

Has anyone here fished Brasenose 1 in the snow? I went there for the first time on Friday night with two friends, in fact it was my first ever trip to the Linear complex although my friends had fished on some of their other waters. We arrived quite late on Friday & by the time we managed to find two adjacent swims & get our gear sorted the light was fading fast. Out went two rods, one with a pva bag & the other a single pop-up with a piece of foam in case it landed in weed. I had nothing all night (which i was quite thankful for as it was chucking it down)!
I was up nice and early the next morning but it was still chucking it down so it was back to sleep until 7:30! When I finally got up I put out fresh rigs then started the serious task of putting the kettle on. After a quick chat with a few other people around the lake it was clear no-one had really had anything during the night, in fact i only heard of two runs of which only one turned into a fish on the bank.
Undeterred I quickly set about trying to spot a few fish & tying up a few rigs which I hoped would give me an edge over both the fish and the other anglers around the lake. As there were only a couple of free pegs over the lake it looked as though the fish would be at range to avoid all the leads & lines falling above their heads. I cast out a freshly tied rig with a PVA bag attached into an open area of the lake at about 90 yards. My other rod was then set up with a critically balanced pop-up and chucked 40-50 yards.
After half an hour the reel on my right hand rod started to click, I gave it a second longer to make sure it was a proper bite then lifted into the fish. The fish was on for literally seconds before ploughing into a thick weed bed. I tried to keep steady pressure on the fish but after a short struggle everything went slack with that dreaded feeling of losing a fish.
It wasn't long after losing my first Linear fish that my second rod started to click as the bait runner gave line. This time I didn't wait and lifted into the bite straight away. It felt a good fish although I could tell something wasn't quite right. Determined not to lose this fish as well, I placed the rod in the rest and gave it some slack line in the hope it would work itself out of whatever was grating on my line. It eventually moved away but when I tried to bring the fish in it was still obstructed by something. After about 10-15minutes we eventually saw the fish – a nice common – rolling on the surface. It had been caught in someone's marker float set up which was obviously dragging through the weed. We called the bailiffs but then couldn't get a boat to us so there was only one thing for it – someone was stripping down to there undies and getting wet!! My friend Steve bravely took the plunge but suddenly realised he lake was a lot deeper than he first thought! After another 10 minutes the hook pulled with the fish on 20-25 yards from the bank. Luckily I managed to pull the marker float set up in with my rig so the fish wasn't tethered.
That was the only action to come over my first trip. Matt & Steve, the two guys I went with failed to get even liners in their swims.
The next morning we awoke to a beautiful but extremely cold scene. It had snowed during the night and everything was covered in a layer of the white stuff. After shaking off the rods & checking the baits it was time to pack up and head home after a long but enjoyable session on Brasenose 1.
We failed to catch anything but I felt I learned a lot & really enjoyed just getting away from the real world for a few days. Plus I'd managed to get a few bites when everyone else was really struggling – a confidence boost – especially when the fish aren't really playing the game.
I had a great time & on the way home we were already planning our next trip to Linear. Hopefully this time we'll managed to catch a fish rather than just seeing one!

Nathan Ball.