Oxlease Success.

The Disabled swim on Oxlease.

15lb 02oz

8lb 08oz

14lb 04oz

11lb 12oz

13 August 2013

It was my first time fishing Linear, I had been previously with my partner on a number of occasions back in 2005 - 2007 but as a spectator only. After a few years away from fishing for one reason and another, we decided to travel back down to Oxford as we always enjoyed our trips here but this time I wasn't coming without my rods. We had hoped to get a swim on St Johns but on arrival we found there to be just 1 swim remaining on the social bank and although the southwesterly was favorable for this swim we would have been penned in by anglers on either side, encroaching on them a little so Salty (my partner) suggested we had a look round Oxlease as it could be an ideal choice of lake for better chance of a bite or 2 with it being more heavily stocked. When we got to Oxlease we were disheartened once again to find pretty much all swims taken (forgot how popular these lovely lakes are), as we neared the end of the road round Oxlease we thought we might have to check out Hunts Corner, as we neared the final swim we saw a couple guys pulling off the 'Disabled Swim'. After a quick chat with them the said they had managed a couple carp out in the 48 hours they had been there and fish had been showing regular.. with not many other options available we decided to jump in and settle ourselves for the next 36 hours. What was to come I could have never expected, what a 36 hours it was going to be for me.

While we were setting up, a few fish we're showing out in front of us and also into the bay on the left. I was only fishing with 2 rods so decided to fish the left hand side and give Salty the right so he had more water to go at with his 3 rods. After leading around for a little I found a nice area of gravel slightly shallower than the silt around it and had seen fish showing close to and over the area so chose to fish 1 rod on the front edge and the other rod just off it in the silt to the right. Rigs set up and small bags cast out with just a sprinkling of bait to start with by mid afternoon. My first take came at 4:30 the following morning from the front edge of the gravel. Before long I had a nice 15lb 2oz Mirror in the net, it was Rainey 1, Salty 0 hehe... Pics taken, fishy sent back home and rod went out again with small bag.. but this time we set about making up a spod mix and started to put in half a dozen drops over each rod. Over the next 24 hours I went on to get another 6 takes, 5 of which I landed with fish ranging from 8lb 8oz to 14lb 4oz, all coming off the gravel spot. Nothing massive but size doesn't always matter, each single fish caught put a huge smile on my face and that's what counts in my eyes, especially when Salty went home fishless despite fishing hard for the whole time, the Carp Gods just were not on his side this session but shinning down brightly on me.

I now can't wait to be down again, we have 4 days planned later this month and it can't come round quick enough for me, hoping to have as much fun and enjoyment as this trip.

Hope to see you then and have another story to tell you by the end of our trip

Rainey Bailey.