My PB from 17lb to 34lb 10oz!!

My New PB !!!!

34lb 10oz.

34lb 10oz New PB !!

19 May 2008

Having been chasing my first 20lb+ carp since I first started fishing and only having a uk pb of 15lb and a French pb of 17lb I found myself seeking Richworth Linear Fisheries!

Finding a free weekend in may I awoke early on Friday morning for my journey to Linear. After some careful research I was looking for a nice swim on Manor Farm lake, Once I arrived at the venue, both Manor Farm and St Johns were looking very busy so I decided to seek another location. Crossing the road towards the other lakes I first came upon Hardwick Lake, Seeing very few bivvys's I decided this would be me for the weekend!

Once I'd completed a brisk walk around the lake I settled upon a swim on the track side which was all alone with no other anglers around!!
Friday went by without a touch, and the same goes for the night! After speaking to several passers by, it turned out that all lakes were fishing real hard as the weekend before they had just started spawning, then with the cold front that had just moved in, they had just switched off!

Lunch time on came round and the weather had picked up with a nice bit of sunshine but still a cool breeze blowing. Then it happened, at first I thought it was a duck diving and had caught my line, then when the duck swam off and the bobbin dropped back and then picked up again, I decided to strike, then I knew I was in! After a strong 15 minute fight with what I thought was gonna be my first 20lb+, it finally rolled over the net! Oh My God, that's a big fish! Once I lifted the net out the water I realised it could be more than upper twenty, once I had her all slinged up we lifted the scales to reveal a mighty 36lb 10oz! Not only had I just caught a 20lb+ it was 30lb+!! After weighing the sling at 2lb we settled on 34lb 10oz.

Thanks has to go to Dave who was just passing at the time, who helped with weighing and all photo's, Most appreciated mate Thanks!! And that concludes my first ever session at linear and certainly not the last!! Memories like that will stay with me forever, Thanks to all at Linear for a wonderful weekend! The fish was caught on an Inline rig with square edge 2oz lead, using esp stiff rig with esp size 6 Teflon coated hook as a chod rig, and a plastic piece of maize on hair!

Regards Andy