31lb Brasenose-1 PB !!

Jack Dempsey with the 31lb 8oz Mirror

03 September 2009

My son Jack (aged 18) and I made our annual trip to Brasenose 1 this weekend. It was our fifth trip. We stopped Fri& Sat 28th& 29th nights. The fishing was very slow all around the lake, we only saw 2 fish caught until the early hours of Sunday morning when Jack had an 8lb mirror (2 am) on KG1 and I had my first ever run at night resulting in a 12lb mirror caught on KG1 tipped with plastic corn.

In our five trips to Brasenose although we have never blanked between us, we have never caught a ‘twenty’, the best to date had been my 18lb 12oz mirror so we were feeling a bit disappointed with this trip. This all changed when we were packing up ready to leave for approx. 12 noon Sunday.

I had just returned from putting kit into the car to find Jack with a bend in his rod. He commented he had had a tentative bite and had struck into it and he thought he had got something on. It just hung in the water for a while, slowly coming closer, no dynamic runs or anything, but we could tell it was definitely a fish by the slight sideways movement and we said this could be the twenty we had been waiting all these years for. When it finally came up to the surface and we got a glimpse of that yellowy flank we realized it was definitely a ‘good un’. Fortunately it came in quite steadily, missing all the weed beds we had lost tackle on during the trip. Once I had slipped the net under it and tried to lift it onto the staging it became quite apparent how good it actually was. When we got it onto the mat we realized we needed a bigger weigh net so we borrowed one off a fellow angler who verified the weight. A massive 31lb 8oz ! we couldn’t believe it. Jack caught this Mirror using a KG1 simply cast as far as he could.

What a way to finish our trip to the ‘magic kingdom’. If you look at the past "Top Stories" Jack wrote a story titled ‘ A trip to the magic Kingdom’ approx 4 years ago when he was 15 years old (2006) when we were first introduced to Brasenose by our friend Eric Brown. Our personal best fish were still the ones we caught on that first trip until this latest capture.

Please find attached photos of Jacks catch. If you need a name for it, we reckon ‘Mono’ due to the single scale behind its gills.

We look forward to returning next year when I reckon I will still be looking for my own personal ‘twenty’ never mind ‘thirty’, jammy little …….

Bests Regards

Howard Dempsey (Dad)