Fish Boys do Oxlease!!!!

One of Matt's doubles.

Matt's Swim.

Will it go, yes. My 1st thirty!!

Neil's new 30lb 05oz P.B.

27lb 04oz for Paul.

26 October 2005

Two weeks ago Neil Lewin, Paul Bailey and Matt buck, three fishery students from Sparsholt College (Fish Boys) as their known at the college did a few nights down on Oxlease, even catching a thirty for their troubles.

A few years back I did the Degree course at Sparsholt myself finding very little time to go fishing (honest!!), however according to Neil their spending most their time on the banks, a word with their lecturers is in order me thinks!! (Simon Scott are you reading this)!!

Anyway, from Sun 16th Oct to Tues 18th Oct they had four fish between them, this may not sound a lot of fish but during the time they were there the water was fishing very hard so not bad going, all things considered.

Matt Buck ended up with two double figure mirrors, Paul with a lovely 27lb 04oz mirror, but pick of the bunch was Neil who broke his P.B. with a 30lb 05oz mirror. Neil informed me that his P.B. had stood at 23lb 01oz since the 15th of May 1998 and in his own words that thirty had "been a long time coming". This was only the third time Neil had been down to Linear, his previous two trips on St Johns had only resulted in 1 lost fish, obviously Neil was made up and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be the last time we see Neil and the rest of the "Fish Boys" down on Oxlease.

Well done lads, hope to see you down at Linear again soon!!

Be Lucky,
Chris Blunt (Fishery Officer).