Three PB's in Three Hours!!!!

Gavin's PB 22lb mirror.

Gavin's "NEW" PB 28lb mirror.

Mat with the "Big Common" at 41lb 03oz.

"The Big Common".

41lb 03oz !!!!

28 April 2008

Hi there I thought I would write in for the first time and let you guys know about my new PB and a session I will never forget.

Me and a friend Gavin turned up at Linear Fisheries St Johns on Saturday mid morning for a quick last minute 24 hour session not really expecting to get on being it was so busy, but after a quick walk round luckly a couple of guys were packing up so we asked if they minded us dropping in after them. After a quick chat with them we realised not much has been out over the last few days but with the weather being nice for a change it was a pleasure just to be there. We decided not to put any bait out being the two fellas that had just left said they had put a load in over the last couple of days. As we were setting up a fish popped it's head out in Gavins swim, plus we could see the odd one or two swimming close to the surface making the most of the warm sun on their backs.

Having fished the swim before we didn't need the marker rods and quickly found our spots. Being that there were fish showing we wanted to spook them as little as possible, so slack lines were needed. With all the rods out we sat back and enjoyed the sunshine.

On the way down there my mate said he a had a little trick up his sleeve that he was keeping quite that will winkle him one out. After a fruitless first hour he went off to his bivvy and returned with a few pints of maggots, and went about putting a couple of baited rigs out to his spots using his secret weapon.

After 20 minutes his left hand rod roared off and he quickly landed his new PB and first linear carp at 22lb but his luck didn't end there about 20 minutes after putting that rod again on the same spot it went again, this time a 28lb mirror was the culprit, he had beat his PB twice in two fish, needless to say he was over the moon. That was it, I couldn't ignore the maggots any longer and tied up a mag inliner rig and quickly put it out. We were sitting watching the water for more signs of fish when that rod signaled a strong steady take, I lifted into the fish and immediately knew I was into something special, it plodded around in the middle, hugging the bottom slowly nodding it's head as I pumped it in towards the waiting net. The water was crystal clear, but the first sight of the fish was a quick glimpse of colour as it turned and surged off back into the lake stripping all the line back I made on it with ease. After few nerve racking moments I had control again and quickly got the fish heading back towards the net. I remember saying to Gavin who was waiting with the net 'it does feel big' and as I did she rolled on the surface and I saw it was a common, it could only be the The Big Common and my legs went to jelly. It seemed like 2 or 3 minutes until it rolled into the net, but in reality must of only been a few seconds, I let out a loud 'YES' and punched the air. I then peered into the mesh to look at my prize, there she was lying there in all her glory The Big Common.

The lads fishing next door come over to see what the shout was about and when I said it was the big girl they went to get their cameras to take a few shots too. After a few shots we weighed her and she went 41lb 3oz. I was total elated to catch such a beautiful fish and am still reeling (excuse the pun) from the experience. She was even more beautiful in the flesh than the pictures I have been drooling over for years.

After putting the fish back and shaking a few hands and phoning people to tell them the good news I managed to get the rod out again and incredibly it was away again within half an hour, this time it was a pretty 18lb mirror. Gavin added another an hour later which made it 5 fish in about 3 hours. The weather changed and the wind picked up slightly over night which ended the rest of the action.

Catching my target fish has come just at the right time with my wife expecting our first baby in June, which means my fishing time will be cut dramatically soon. It is the Big Common I have always dreamed about catching and now it has come true. The only disappointing thing about this magical session was my long term fishing partner was on holiday and wasn't able to see her on the bank, sorry about that mate, but a big thank you to Linear Fisheries and you will be seeing me again very soon hopefully.

Mat Glover.