Session of a Life Time.

27lb Mirror.

Stunning Fully Scaled.

Another Cracking Mirror.

A lovely Dark Mirror.

An Awesome Looking Fish.

03 May 2012

Just thought I’d write you a couple of words on the unbelievable 48 hour session I had on Hardwick/Smiths Pool. I finished up with 26 fish in total, and dropped 5, biggest was 27lb, I still cannot believe it, it was a session that has made up for a few hard blanks this year on some other difficult waters lol!!
We got there around 8 am on Friday 27th April; it was a horrible day with very strong south westerly wings hitting us in the face as soon as we stepped out of the car. We had a quick chat to two young anglers in the car park who were waiting for a lift, they had been on there most of the week with a few fish included the big tailed common, but said it was fishing tough.

We loaded the barrows and headed around the lake. I immediately spotted fish boshing around 100 yards out around bang on in the centre of the lake, but unfortunately most of the swims were taken which I fancied, so we barrowed on and decided to head around to smiths to see if it was a bit quieter. On our way over we noticed signs on the spit saying it was shut for filming, anyway, we walked up to find the guys on there packing up, on my way back I bumped into Chris Blunt who let us know that they were not shutting it because the weather was so bad the filming was cancelled! Cut a long story short, I could get at the fish boshing from that peg, and as soon as I had a bait on them, they were playing ball! I kept the bait going in constantly and they stayed there and gave me the trip of a lifetime!! Up to my neck in mud, river running through my brolley...but worth every second!! I can’t remember all of the weights, but it didn’t matter when they were as pretty as that!!

Thanks for a brilliant session,

Peter Roche
South Wales.