40lb's of Magic - Cut Tail's looking back at her best !!

"Hard" at work, preparing the next trap!!

40lb's of Magic!! and one very happy angler.

It's hard work tying all these rigs!!

Mick showing what he used to catch Cut Tail on.

01 November 2005

During the summer, for the first time that I can remember the big Manor Farm mirror known as Cut Tail decided to have a major spawn, dropping right back to 35lb's - Well she's back and looking as good as ever, and at her biggest weight for some time.

It's always worrying when one of the "Big" girls drops allot of weight in one hit, however this can quite often lead to the fish going on to get even bigger than she was before. It looks like Cut Tail may well be doing just that, only time will tell, but hopefully she's on her way to mid-forties and beyond (fingers crossed).

The lucky angler was good friend of the fishery Mick "The Cheese" Perry, and to say he was excited would be the understatement of the year, "kid in a candy shop" springs to mind. Well, your first British forty tends to do that to a man, (so I’ve been told anyway)!!!!

This was Mick's first fish out of Manor, what a way to start - Although when your first fish out of a lake is the biggest resident and over 40lb's you've got to expect some ribbing and believe me both myself and Manor regular Chris Lowe both pointed out the finer points of being "Jammy", especially when it's a fish both of us can't seem to catch for love nor money!! In all seriousness though, top angling mate, she one hell of a fish and well deserved.

Just for the record Mick took the big girl on Mainline's Pro-Active Pineapple Bottom baits, fishing to a clear area at roughly 110 yards out.

Be Lucky,
Chris Blunt (Fishery Officer).

P.S. You may have noticed a number of spelling mistakes if you looked at our news and stories yesterday (01.10.05), well it must have been one of those senior moments. Or more likely, is the fact that my good friend and Jack Frost Tackle employee Mr. Ian Day let me down when he proof read it for me (you just cant get the staff anymore)!!!!!!!!