In search of the beast.

A 20lb mirror and new PB!!

30 June 2009

In search of the beast. (May 2009).

My son Andrew and I arrived at 2pm on a Friday, all pumped up and dreaming of giant fish during our 48 hour piscatorial adventure.
Having done our homework on the web site, St John’s was our selected venue but it looked busy.
We walked and talked and found that it had been tough over the last week and as we starting to think about other lakes, came across two very nice chaps from Nottingham, who had had a 30lb PB the night before and were heading home in an hours time extremely contented. Their swim was to die for on the point and we could not wait to get started.
Nothing much happened during the evening but we were kept busy munching on the chicken barbecue, which had been marinating for the last 24 hours.
After a couple of beers we retired to our bivvies feeling content and hopeful.
At 2am my right hand rod roared off, lifting the rod I not only felt a big lump on the end, but also my right leg had completely cramped up. I was busy trying to reel in the fish but also attempting to get the circulation going again in my painful limb. This was an extremely funny site and would have been on fishing’s funniest moments had they made such a programme.
“Andrew, Andrew” I screamed (in much pain) “give me a hand”.
“Have you got a fish” he replied!
“No it’s a fxxxxxg supermarket trolley,” I shouted.
He finally got out of his pit and helped me out, just in time as my left leg was starting to get cramp as well. If that had happened I would have ended up in the lake with the fish, instead of catching them!
The pain was worth it though as we weighed and pictured a fin perfect 20lb mirror carp, a PB for me.
The next day Danny Fairbrass moved in a few swims away to make a film, and of course I went along to give him a few tips, as I was of course an expert!
We left at 4pm on the Sunday after a quiet day but both felt sad to leave and vowing to come back and catch The Beast.
We’re back this weekend complete with anti cramp pills.

Tom Hodkinson