An Amazing Easter on Oxlease!

Chris and his sons.

Chris with his 33.14 Original.

Another shot of Chris with the big common.

18 April 2006

My name is Chris Sheldon from Northampton, I am an after sales Manager at the local VW Retailer. I visited Linear Lakes on Thursday 13th April 06; with this being only my third visit to Oxlease. Myself and my two lads, Thomas and Chris Junior were all very excited at the thought of the big carp in the lake. I had my New Rods (Greys Platinum), 6010gt Reels loaded with Fluorocarbon X Line15lb.I had Fox Lead Core with a 2oz lead, Braid hook length and size 8 korda hooks all ready to go.

The first day (Thursday) was very quiet, in the evening about 10.30pm my middle rod went on a screaming run, after a fight of 40mins a massive Common was on the bank. All the anglers in near by swims were all gathering around to see the weigh in the scales weighed in at an incredible 36.9 lb's. This was caught on a single piece of Carp Corn over a bed of Pellet at 60 yards.

The following day (Friday) Thomas landed two Mirrors’ of 6 lb and 10.2lb’s; in the evening I had another run but did not hook into the fish. Sat morning I had another fish, a nice 16.5 lb Mirror once again on single Carp Corn over pellet. When darkness came there was a lot of movement on the surface so I decided to sit on my rods at about 10.00pm my middle delkim started to sound but I struck into nothing. I then started to cast to the showing fish.

About 11.30pm I thought I would go into my bivvy, before I even got to the door the alarm was off again. After a 20 min fight a lovely scaled Mirror was on the bank, It was a Massive at 33.14 lb's. I was informed by other anglers this was one of the original Mirrors. Once again this was on single Carp Corn at 80 yards. We nicknamed the fish Big Betty. What a great night (again).

As I packed up on Sunday I had three more Mirror's 16lb, 17.6lb, and a lovely 21.5lbs, all in two hours and Thomas landed another Mirror of 12lb's. Between us we had 9 fish from 6 lb to 36.9 lb's in three nights. A new PB common and new PB Mirror.

What a fantastic session on a lovely lake, I would like to thank Martin, Mitch, Perry and Tom for there help in the night and of course Linear Lakes for a great Easter Weekend.

"Sounds like you all had an amazing time over Easter, lets hope you're next session proves to be as good. Top Angling mate - Chris Blunt".