31lb Oxlease PB !!

21lb 04oz mirror.

Simon's 31lb 04oz PB.

Ben with a 16lb mirror.

Ben with an 18lb mirror.

10 September 2009

A friend (Ben Davis) and I fished from Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th September. Upon arriving at the lake we were pleased to find it not to busy and had a good choice of swims, eventually choosing one at the windward end of the lake but on the side without the pontoons as this seemed far less pressured. On the first night having turned up late in the afternoon we both fished with small PVA bags at between 50 & 80ish yards. Despite being told that the fishing was a bit slow at the moment, we immediatley both were getting infrequent line bites but nothing materialised until about 3am on Wednesday when Ben landed the first fish of the trip, a tench of approximatley 5Ib.

Throughout our visit everything was very quiet in the days with all the fish coming between midnight and 7am. On Wednesday morning we found a number of features to fish to, choosing both gravel and silt features at between 70 and 80 yards and another rod where the margin shelved off to about 7ft deep. Having chosen the spots we both spodded out various mixes of particles, chopped boilies and a generous amount of hemp. As we were using oily spod mix immediatley after putting out the bait the hemp creates a flat slick until it settles on the bottom. When sitting out at about midnight on Wednesday night there was a full moon and the water in front of us suddenly when totally flat, the carp had found our bait and were obviously creating quite a stir, hopefuly the sign of things to come. At about 12.30 Ben's right hand rod rattled off; after a good fight the first carp was landed a mirror weighing in at 18 and a half pounds caught on a Nash Scopex Squid boilie. This was followed at about 5.30am with his left rod taking off, this time resulting in another mirror at 16Ib caught on two pieces of plastic corn.

I got up on Thursday and although we had so far had a great trip, I was feeling quite disappointed to have not caught, however stuck with the original features which I had found and continued to top up the spots with more bait. Once again the daylight hours were very quiet. In the evening after enjoying a good pizza which we had delivered, we were thinking about turning in for the night, when one of my rods burst into life with the fish ripping line off the reel. From 80 yards there was a good bend in the rod but I didn't want to be too confident of any size until I got it closer. I seem to remember even suggesting it might be a tench at first as the fight was really erratic at times - needless to say with the benefit of hindsight this was far from a tench! After a prolonged fight, eventually we got it over the net and it was clear that this was a big mirror, however as the net was about to be lifted it took off again! After another few minutes we finally had it safely in the net again though. We got it on the unhooking mat, which was barely big enough, and finally weighed it in at 31Ib 4oz a new PB by a big margin! I can't say how pleased I was, but there was no point in trying to get any sleep after that! After recasting the rod to the same spot a number of hours later (about 7am) it sprung to life once again, after a spirited fight finally landing a 21Ib 4oz mirror. (Both the fish were caught on Essentital Baits B5 boilies)

It turned out to be a fantastic and very memorable 3 nights on Oxlease, which despite the 2007 floods still lives up to its old reputation thanks to you guys.

Kind Regards
Simon Atterby.